US Signal Deploys ANDA Networks to Maximize Ethernet Service Reach

US Signal (Booth 231) announced it has added Ethernet enhancements to its private-line and Internet access products, which are sold through channel partners. The Grand Rapids, Mich.-based company has deployed equipment from ANDA Networks EtherTone product line to provide Ethernet connections to its 3,000-routemile, fiber-based data network throughout Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin. We have […]

Microsoft Unveils PlayReady

Microsoft Corp. has unveiled its PlayReady product, new digital rights management (DRM) technology. Supporting multiple content types and flexible rights, Microsoft PlayReady gives service providers and manufacturers a single platform to manage digital media on wireless devices. PlayReady technology enables subscription, rental, pay-per-view, preview and distribution, which can be applied to a range of digital […]

NASBA Enters Leasing Partnership

Channel Partners Conference & Expo association sponsor NASBA (Booth 415), the 14,000-member Association of Channel Resellers, announced a partnership with Churchill Technology LLC, to offer private-labeled leasing to its reseller base. Churchill Technology Finance, a wholly owned subsidiary of Global Technology Finance (GTF), provides vendor-leasing programs and equipment-leasing solutions to solutions providers and VARs. Since […]

BillSoft Adds VoIP Transaction, Service-Type Functions to EZTax

BillSoft Inc. (Booth 521) has added new VoIP transaction and service-type combinations to its EZTax solution to handle complex taxation issues. According to BillSoft, state, county and local jurisdictions seem to be making taxation decisions in three distinct manners. Some jurisdictions have indicated that their taxes apply to VoIP. Other jurisdictions have stated they are […]

Otelco Selects BigBand VoIP, Broadband IP and Service Provisioning

BigBand Networks Inc., a leading provider of broadband multimedia infrastructure for video, voice and data, announced that Otelco Inc., one of the 50 largest LECs, plans to use the BigBand Cuda12000 cable modem termination system (CMTS) and BigBand FastFlow Broadband Provisioning Manager (BPM). These have been selected to provide broadband Internet access, VoIP and service […]

Expert Shows Agents How to Turn Free Advice into Consulting Cash

Many partner sales organizations spin their wheels providing free consulting services to prospective customers that might never spend a dime. Find out how to avoid this trap and get paid for your advice and win the business, too, during todays concurrent session, How to Charge for Consulting and Professional Services. Channel strategist Michael Fair will […]


After the 96 Act was passed, the general position of the competitive community was very favorable toward the Act and thought that it was a great effort by Congress to balance the competing interests and needs and really create a level playing field. Unfortunately, the FCC, while they did a good job in some areas, […]

Making Sense of Wireless Broadband — Part I

With all the MegaHertzes and 802.whatevers being bandied about, you might be confused as to what the difference is between WiMAX and pre-WiMAX, licensed and unlicensed, GSM and CDMA. But categorizing wireless broadband is essential to knowing what to pitch to your customers. In Part I of a two-part series, we discuss cellular broadband technologies. […]

Sales Tips for a New Era

Posted: 9/2003 Sales Tips for a New Era By Dr. Christie Smith In the past, sales were dependent upon one thing: the product. Today, telecom companies have to distinguish themselves not only on product, but rather on the services they provide, the bundled nature of their products/services, and the quality of the relationships they develop […]

What’s at the End of the Pipe: A Primer

Posted: 02/1999 What’s at the End of the Pipe: A Primer By Kieren McCobb Most telecommunications services marketed by agents plug into some type of voice or data equipment, or "box." The agent who wishes to stay in business and grow needs to know and understand these systems. The following is a primer explaining the […]

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