Thoughts on the FCC

By Peter Radizeski, RAD-INFO Special access pricing flexibility. Forbearance petitions. The 700MHz wireless spectrum auction rules. These are just some of the major issues facing the FCC now. (The FCC has not ruled on long ignored issues such as inter-carrier compensation, virtual-NXX, and USF reform, but has had plenty of time for indecency). I did […]

i2c Announces Release of Sales Channel Pro and Sales Channel Matrix

i2c inc., a provider of transaction processing and stored value card management solutions, has announced the addition of Sales Channel Pro and Sales Channel Matrix to its Managed Card Progams (MCP) processing platform. MCPs sales channel modules provide flexible tools to define complete commission structures for each card program when managing multitiered sales channels and […]

Buyer’s Guide: Master Agents

AB&T Telecom 7905a Cessna Ave. Gaithersburg, MD 20879Phone: +1 301 948 8161 Fax: +1 301 948 3641Contact: Glenn Taggart, VPE-mail: info@abttelecom.comWeb: www.abttelecom.comCompany Type: Master Agent ACI Telecom122 Edinburgh Court Greenville, SC 29607Phone: +1 864 233 0549 Fax: +1 864 233 7954 Toll-Free: +1 800 948 3852Contact: Cam Walters, PresidentE-mail: service@acitelecom.comWeb: www.acitelecom.comCompany Type: Master Agent allConnex […]

Startec: Immigration Provides Opportunity for Agents

As immigrant populations grow in the United States and Canada, the market for selling residential long-distance also is booming. So contends Startec Global Communications, the 17-year old facilities-based carrier headquartered in Rockville, Md. The company has had an agent program in place since 2000 but recently revised its Web site, giving customers online billing and […]

BillSoft Adds VoIP Transaction, Service-Type Functions to EZTax

BillSoft Inc. (Booth 521) has added new VoIP transaction and service-type combinations to its EZTax solution to handle complex taxation issues. According to BillSoft, state, county and local jurisdictions seem to be making taxation decisions in three distinct manners. Some jurisdictions have indicated that their taxes apply to VoIP. Other jurisdictions have stated they are […]

Bloggers Gone Wild

Attending a Sun Devil football or basketball game is now a high-tech, free-forall experience. Fans of the Arizona State University teams can blog onto an interactive big screen during the pre-game events, thanks to Verizon Wireless, which is ASUs exclusive wireless provider. This TXT-2-Screen technology helps Sun Devil fans create pre-game entertainment for everyone in […]

Ethernet Galore

Ethernet technology from switching to optical transport to edge services is becoming pervasive. Its the primary in-building wired solution, and a candidate for preferred technology in the network. Tomorrows session looks at Ethernet from all sides carrier needs, infrastructure requirements, resale opportunities and enhanced applications the technology makes possible. Speakers Mark Pugerude, senior vice president […]

C-CAMS Adds Workflow Management Module

C-CAMS Inc. (Booth 103) has introduced its all-new workflow management module the latest extension of its enterprise suite of customer care and service applications designed for telcos, ISPs and public service/utility providers. The workflow management module is pre-integrated to its customer care and service solution, and combines trouble ticket/fault, work order and service order management […]

Mpower Communications Awards 30,000 Warrants to Master Agents

Mpower Communications Corp. (Booth 503), provider of broadband Internet access and telephone services to business customers, has issued more than 30,000 warrants for Mpower common stock to master agent partners who have met the performance thresholds. The Take Stock in Mpower program was introduced last November to encourage master agents to reach specific revenue targets […]

Collaborative: The Art of Selling Collaborative Software

Posted: 8/2003 The Art of Selling Collaborative Software QUESTIONS TO ASK DURING EACH PHASE OF THE SALES PROCESS By David Coleman and Bob Sayle Selling a collaborative software technology to a prospective customer is no different than selling any other type of software application — you need to understand the customer and why they would […]

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