Microsoft COO Explains Software + Services Strategy at CompTIA Event

In his keynote address this week at CompTIAs Breakaway in Las Vegas, Microsoft COO Kevin Turner said the software maker is embracing a software plus services strategy that makes room for its channel partners many of them members of CompTIA, which is a global association of data and voice VARs. About 1,200 people attended the […]


SCORPIO (OCT. 23 – NOV. 21) Okay, Scorpio, its finally your turn. If youre a Scorpio, chances are youve been really jealous of the other signs being the spotlight all year long. And, now you can finally stop obsessing. Fact: If we collected all of the detectives, both fictional and real, throughout the history of […]

E Channel Links

Posted: 2/2002 E-Channel E Channel Links America Online Inc. www.aol.comBankRate.com www.bankrate.comBe Free Inc. www.befree.comBellSouth Corp. www.bellsouth.comBuyers United Inc www.buyersonline.comCable Wireless www.cw.comCapital One www.captialone.comDigiTerra Inc. www.digiterra.comForrester Research Inc. www.forrester.comGotBroadband.com www.gotbroadband.comGlobal Prepaid Alliance www.gpa.net<Kpe> www.kpe.comMoving.com www.moving.comMyPoints.com www.mypoints.com Northwest Airlines www.nwa.comPrepaidOnline.com www.prepaidonline.com RadioShack www.radioshack.comSimplexity Inc. www.simplexity.comSmartPrice.com www.smartprice.comSprint www.sprint.comTime Warner www.aoltimewarner.comTurner Broadcasting System www.turner.comU.S. Telebrokers Inc. www.ustelebrokers.comVirtualGiveaway Corp. www.virtualgiveaway.comWeather.com […]

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