James M. Smith

THEN: Jim Smith was a partner at the law firm, Pierson, Ball & Dowd, and outside general counsel to COMPTEL, the competitive telecommunications association. It was the year of the original  Triennial Review, recalls Smith, noting Judge Harold Greenes review of the RBOC line-of-business restrictions in the Modified Final Judgment, which had gone into effect in […]

Triennial Review Goes to Appeals Court

Posted: 3/2004 Triennial Review Goes to Appeals Court By Josh Long Local phone companies expressed a sigh of relief last year when the FCC voted to let states decide whether to preserve phone rules allowing AT&T Corp. and smaller telcos to lease the regional Bell networks at discounted rates. But a federal appeals court has […]

CompTel/ASCENT to Host Wholesale Regulatory Meeting

The CompTel/ASCENT Alliance will host a meeting Tuesday afternoon to discuss wholesale regulatory issues. The meeting is open only to alliance members. The purpose of the meeting is to inform members of regulatory changes, which might affect them and present opportunities to reduce costs or increase sales. The alliance also plans to solicit feedback to […]

Regulators, Industry Executives Offer Update on Triennial Review

Last year the FCC released 600 pages of new phone and broadband rules. Even regulatory experts conceded the Triennial Review order — loaded with more footnotes than a college term paper — was highly complex and required numerous readings. Yet discerning the ramifications of the controversial order appears to be mere child’s play, compared to […]

Where Do We Go From Here?

Posted: 10/2003 Where Do We Go From Here? First Stop: State Regulatory Commissions By Josh Long The battle over wholesale phone rules will be fought at state public service commissions over the next year. Regulators have nine months to analyze whether there is adequate competition in a designated market to phase out rules that allow […]

Soap Box: You Can’t Keep a Good Competitor Down

Posted: 5/2003 You Can’t Keep a Good Competitor Down By Walt Blackwell I have been president of the Association for Communications Enterprises (ASCENT) for nearly a year now and it’s been an exciting yet demanding time. In particular, I have enjoyed the challenge of understanding the telecommunications industry from the perspective of our members, which […]

Premature Victory

Posted: 4/2003 Premature Victory As I write this, I am wrapping up a day covering the FCC’s ruling in the Triennial Review of the unbundling requirements. By the time you are reading this, we may know a lot more about what exactly was decided by the agency, but from where I sit right now, it […]

FCC’s Adelstein Says No Surprises So Far

Jonathan Adelstein says the controversial and emotionally charged Triennial Review is a “huge challenge” but no activity on the eighth floor so far has startled the new FCC commissioner. Adelstein, a former legislative aide to U.S. Sen. Tom Daschle (D-S.D.), was sworn in as the fifth commissioner Dec. 3, leaving the self-described champion of rural […]

FCC Triennial Review Likely a Prelude to Litigation

An appeal is highly likely once the Federal Communications Commission ( issues an order governing a local telephone resale platform that has sparked a nationwide debate packed with rhetoric and lopsided views. The FCC could issue its order in February after it completes it Triennial Review, but lawyers say in all likelihood the agency will […]

FCC Won’t Complete Triennial Review This Month

The Federal Communications Commission will not complete its Triennial Review of the unbundled network element – platform this year. “We are not expecting the Triennial to be completed by this month, December. We are looking toward the early part of next year, January, February time-frame,” an FCC spokesman said Monday. The FCC is scheduled to […]

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