Fight Moves to UNE-L

By The FCC rules have expired and CLECs worry the cost of providing businesses phone and data services may rise significantly, CompTel/ASCENT, the Washington D.C. trade group, warns in a study it released. CompTel/ASCENT released a study in late June claiming the demise of the federal rules could cost small and medium-sized businesses about $4.9 […]

Lending Voice to Ethernet

The LAN protocol Ethernet long ago infiltrated the metro as service providers sought to provide seamless data networks to their enterprise customers. Now, those same networks are being updated to handle the QoS requirements of voice and video. BellSouth Interconnection Services, for example, filed a tariff in April for an enhanced wholesale metro Ethernet service […]

Broadview Networks Gears Up for VoIP

Broadview Networks (Booth 531) is gearing up to offer VoIP services by late fourth quarter, through the company’s agent channel. Vijay Das, vice president of alternate channels for the carrier, says the company already is talking to select agents in anticipation of the launch. "We are looking for agents who service small and medium-sized businesses, […]

USCarrier Telecom Introduces E-Max 1000

USCarrier Telecom LLC, a member of DDR Broadband Networks (Booth 721), introduces its new long-haul wholesale Ethernet service, E-Max 1000. This service will allow USCarrier’s customers to build Ethernet networks connecting multiple cities at speeds ranging from 1MB to 1,000MB in small bandwidth increments, says the company. USCarrier says its Ethernet service will allow these […]

Allegiance Telecom Expands Wholesale Line

Allegiance Telecom (Booth 820), a facilities-based national LEC headquartered in Dallas has expanded its wholesale product line to include local voice services, offering a range of customized T1-based local voice and integrated products to carriers. With about 800 colocations in 36 U.S. markets, the Allegiance network provides access to customers for voice, data and converged […]

Carrier Channel: ATM Aggregation On Deck

Posted: 8/2003 ATM Aggregation On Deck By Khali Henderson BellSouth Interconnection Services unveiled in July flat-rate pricing for variable bit rate (VBR) permanent virtual circuits (PVCs) and will follow up in fourth quarter with a complementary ATM circuit emulation service. Both offers, company executives say, are designed to allow carriers to aggregate local access traffic […]

Carrier Channel: Gigabit Ethernet Race Picks Up Speed

Posted: 6/2003 Gigabit Ethernet Race Picks Up Speed By Khali Henderson Gigabit Ethernet is at a crossroads. At once it is finding a market among large enterprises, but lacking in sellers. Most of the entrepreneurial champions of high-speed Ethernet technology in the metro — the so-called EtherLECs — were stopped in their tracks by telecom’s […]

Sizing Up SONET’s New ServiceOptions

Posted: 07/2002 Sizing Up SONET’s New Service Options By Fred Dawson FOR THE PRICE-CONSCIOUS PURCHASER of wholesale transport services the process of choosing a supplier suddenly has become a lot more complicated, thanks to an extraordinary range of options taking shape around next-generation SONET platforms and their alternatives. Traditional SONET rings remain the obvious choice […]

RESELLER CHANNEL: Resellers Rally `Round T1 Resurgence

Posted: 07/2002 Resellers Rally `Round T1 Resurgence By William Matern For years, data communications pundits have predicted T1/E1 soon would be obsolete, replaced by Ethernet, gigE, DSL and other data transports. Predictions aside, telecom carriers and resellers still are focused on transporting voice and data over T1 because demand continues to grow, profit margins are […]

Wholesale Channel: Getting Gig-E With It: Bells Looking at Next-Gen MAN Services

Posted: 11/2001 Wholesale Channel Getting Gig-E With It: Bells Looking at Next-Gen MAN Services By Josh Long -Elliott Bryant, senior director of product marketing of wholesale, BellSouth Corp. The Baby Bells aren’t known around the telecom block for being the most responsive or cheapest provider of transport services in U.S. cities, compared with next-generation competitors […]

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