Agency Channel: Agents in Training

Posted: 09/1999 Agents in Training By Khali Henderson As demand and availability of advanced services–Internet access, frame relay, digital subscriber lines (DSLs), etc.–moves downstream, network services agents are faced with an increasingly complex sale for which most are ill-prepared. To make matters worse, agents say, few of the carriers and resellers they represent are arming […]

Wanted: A Few Good Sales Reps

Posted: 06/1999 Wanted: A Few Good Sales Reps By Susan Helen Moran In an executive suite in downtown Chicago, John Shave, the 33-year old president of Globalcom Inc., an integrated communications provider (ICP), paces across the floor analyzing 1998 W2s, stack rankings, sales reports and personality test results of a prospective sales employee. Shave is […]

Maintaining Sales-Force Fitness

Posted: 12/1998 Maintaining Sales-Force Fitness By Jonathan B. Haller Editor’s Note: This is the second of two parts. Last month’s article discussed the dearth of qualified telecom sales representatives. This month’s column covers maintaining sales-force readiness. There is a two-pronged challenge plaguing the communications industry. The first, discussed in last month’s column, is that more […]

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