Networks: Terabit Routers Take on Networking’s Heavy Lifting

Posted: 06/1999 Terabit Routers Take on Networking’s Heavy Lifting By Charlotte Wolter The very phrase terabit router has an awesome ring, conjuring images of huge streams of data under the control of a powerful, fast machine. Indeed, terabit routers–which will switch 1 trillion bits per second and more–will sit at the hearts of some of […]

Resale Channel: Europe: ISRs’ Wonderland

Posted: 05/1999 Europe: ISRs’ Wonderland By Robert Rosenberg Beleaguered on all sides by hungry new carriers, hostile regulators and unsentimental customers, the former European monopoly service providers–the PTTs–have been affected by deregulation in unexpected ways. Most have had to slash long distance prices more than three times the anticipated 15 percent to 20 percent. (Bonn, […]

A New Wave in Optical Networking

Posted: 05/1999 A New Wave in Optical Networking By Charlotte Wolter With Paris-based Alcatel and Murray Hill, N.J.-based Lucent Technologies Inc. announcing optical networking equipment capable of transmitting 40 gigabits per second (gbps), or OC-768 speed, it could appear that the future of optical networking is to develop ever-faster lasers to crank up speeds in […]

Integrated Access –A Sleeper?

Posted: 04/1999 Integrated Access –A Sleeper? By Gail Lawyer and Khali Henderson Digital subscriber line (DSL) is being billed as the technology that will help lower telecommunications costs for small and mid-sized businesses, while increasing the speeds with which they can send and receive data transmissions. But there’s another technology that some in the industry […]

It’s Time for Internet QoS To Become Reality

Posted: 04/1999 It’s Time for Internet QoS To Become Reality By Ashley Stephenson Everyone agrees that business use of the Internet is a rapidly growing phenomenon. With its lower cost and global availability, the Internet is emerging as a truly viable alternative to private wide area networks (WANs), but it will rise to supremacy only […]

ATM: A Contender for Corporate Networks

Posted: 03/1999 ATM: A Contender for Corporate Networks By Robert Rosenberg Today’s networks are in considerable turmoil, mostly due to market and political considerations rather than technological ones. However, the result of the turmoil is likely to lead to major changes in technology as a whole. Present networks are divided functionally between voice services, video […]

The Network Backbone – Not Just an IP Highway

Posted: 03/1999 The Network Backbone – Not Just an IP Highway By Charlotte Wolter Internet protocol (IP) architecture in the backbones of large long distance carriers is a new phenomenon in telecom. As recently as two years ago, most network providers had no IP in their backbone, except as traffic carried along on another transport […]

Unlocking SS7’s Potential

Posted: 01/1999 Unlocking SS7’s Potential By Peter Meade Unlocking and using information that always has been available–but not easily accessible–in signaling system 7 (SS7) networks is emerging as a new way for service providers to survive and thrive in these competitive times. Rick Botting is so sure that accessing this knowledge is the key to […]

Williams Network Pulls It All Together

Posted: 08/1998 Williams Network Pulls It All Together By Paula Bernier When Williams Network was looking to build a new nationwide network, after selling off all but one fiber strand of its original network to WorldCom Inc. in 1995, the company knew it was going to cost them. But because of advances in asynchronous transfer […]

Just for CICs

Posted: 05/1998 Just for CICs Switchless Resellers Join the PSTN Crowd By Ken Branson Just as the U.S. Postal Service uses names, addresses and ZIP codes to identify and sort mail, the public switched telecommunications network (PSTN) uses carrier identification codes (CICs) to sort out telecommunications traffic. "CICs are used to ‘mark’ the carrier of […]

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