Senate Committee Grills FCC Nominees

The Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee today heard testimony in favor of two FCC nominees, and wrapped up questioning in hopes the Senate will confirm Democrat Michael J. Copps and Republican Deborah T. Tate before Congress breaks for the holidays. Copps already serves on the FCC. If he is re-appointed, his term will not […]

UP FRONT: ASCENT’s Kelly to Retire

Posted: 03/2002 UP FRONT ASCENT’s Kelly to RetireErnest B. Kelly III will retire as president of the Association of Communications Enterprises (ASCENT, on April 30, at the end of his current term.Hired in November 1993 as the association’s first executive director, Kelly has served continuously as the head of the organization. He was named […]

Business News – TRA Ascends to Broadened Purpose

Posted: 07/2000 TRA Ascends to Broadened Purpose After eight years driving the resellers’ cause under the TRA banner, the Telecommunications Resellers Association is shifting gears like a semi traveling uphill with an increasing and diverse payload. But there’s no gear grinding with this ascent; it’s been a predictable journey that has paralleled that of the […]

What’s in a Name?

Posted: 05/2000 What’s in a Name? Evolving Industry Demands Modifying Moniker By Khali Henderson The Board of Directors of the Telecommunica-tions Resellers Association ( has proposed changing the name of the eight- year-old group to the Association of Communications Enterprises.It has asked its membership to ratify the change in the expectation of unveiling it in […]

What’s in a Name?

Posted: 05/2000 Stacking the Deck Stakes Grow Higher in Advanced Services Contest By Kim Sunderland When entering a gambling town, it’s easy to allow the bright neon lights to suck you into the excitement and overwhelm you with the opportunities–the shows, unrelenting action, money, sex appeal, hype, constant motion and changing players.The adrenaline rush of […]

FCC Order Gives ILECs an Edge over Resellers

Posted:  02/2000 FCC Order Gives ILECs an Edge over Resellers BY KIM SUNDERLAND In what resellers hail as a major victory for their industry, the FCC ( has ordered ILECs to make x digital subscriber line (xDSL)-based advanced services available at wholesale rates for resale. However, resellers say the order contains a loophole that may […]

Date Book

Posted: 02/2000 Date Book FEBRUARY 2000 2-4 Telephony Voice User Interface Conference Scottsdale, Ariz. +1 818 708 0962 7-9 Telecommunications Resellers Association (TRA) 2000 Winter Carrier Forum San Juan, Puerto Rico +1 202 835 9898 7-10 ISPCON Canada 2000 Toronto +1 800 500 1959 9-10 Internet World Canada 2000 Toronto +1 800 […]

Megamerger May Choke Wholesale Supply

Posted: 01/2000 Megamerger May Choke Wholesale Supply I must admit that when I first heard about the prospects of the MCI WorldCom Inc.-Sprint Corp. merger, it didn’t excited me. As a consumer, I felt it wouldn’t do me any good to have two of the largest competitors on the same team. While there are plenty […]

TRA Expo Lures Innovators for ‘Round the ClockNetworking

Posted: 01/2000 All The Right Stuff TRA Expo Lures Innovators for ‘Round the Clock Networking "The people who come by are not just people in off the street," said Tom Tilton, vice president of General Telecom Inc. (, a switch-partitioning company, surveying the show floor at the Telecommunications Resellers Assoc-iation (TRA) Fall ’99 show in […]

Wilkens Wins TRA-PHONE+ TelecommunicationsCompetition Award

Posted: 12/1999 Wilkens Wins TRA-PHONE+ Telecommunications Competition Award Wholesale Pioneer Fitting Recipient of First Honor By Ken Branson Roy A. Wilkens Roy A. Wilkens, who turned a collection of gas pipeline rights of way into the fourth largest fiber optic telecommunications network in the United States, has been named the first recipient of the Telecommunications […]

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