Carrier Channel: Fiscal Fallout

Posted: 5/2003 Fiscal Fallout By Dr. Judy Reed Smith and Taher Bouzayen Bankruptcies Have Lingering Impact on Wholesale Long-Distance MarketsUntil 2004, the wholesale long-distance market is anticipated to decline as a result of shrinking wholesale voice minutes and revenue. However, after 2004, the steady demand for wholesale data, including IP, will fuel the growth of […]

Stock Watch – Earnings Warnings Dampen Investor Enthusiasm

Posted: 09/2001 Stock Watch Earnings Warnings Dampen Investor Enthusiasm Technology and blue chips enjoyed some gains during the month-long trading period that ended July 16, as investors hoped the economy is showing signs of recovery. However, as we move into the second quarter reporting period, several substantial earnings warnings kept the lid on investor enthusiasm, […]

Stock Watch

Posted: 05/2001 Stock Watch Markets Plunge on Earnings Fears The stock market caved at the end of our trading session, the Dow dropped below 10,000, and techs sustained heavy blows due to earnings warnings by major hitters and a generally dreary outlook on the U.S. economy. European and Asian markets added to economic worries as […]

Stock Watch

Posted: 04/2001 Stock Watch No New Cuts? Cooling Economy Warms Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan told Congress, as our trading period ended (Feb. 16), that he expects the economy to recover from its current slump. The news worried investors that no new interest rate cuts are on the horizon. "Some people were disappointed that Greenspan […]

Stock Watch

Posted: 03/2001 Stock Watch Mixed Economic News Chills Market Retail sales numbers and producer price information released at the end of our trading session (Jan. 16) showed that the U.S. economy is not tumbling as quickly into recession as feared. Some on Wall Street thought the slump was due primarily to bargain hunting ahead of […]

Stock Watch

Posted: 11/2000 Stock Watch Stocks Hammered by High Energy Costs The U.S. market dropped at the end of our trading session (Sept. 15), clobbered by worries that sharply higher oil prices will eat into corporate profits. Europe’s weak single currency, the euro, added to concern about the future course of earnings. "You are going to […]

Telecommodities Indices – DS-3 Bandwidth Decline Again

Posted: 10/2000 DS-3 Bandwidth Decline Again n tracking the current weighted average coast-to-coast price of DS-3 bandwidth, RTBX*RPI reports the August 2000 rate of $24,690 declined 8 percent, or $2,168, from July’s rate of $26,858. The rate reduction means prices have declined on a month-to-month basis in six of the last seven months.Current month to […]

Stock Watch

Posted: 10/2000 Stock Watch Techs Flounder as Blue Chips Jump Investors pulled their dollars from tech stocks in August and headed for the blue chip sector, putting more value into the slower growth but sturdier structure of traditional stocks. Government economic figures released at the end of our trading session (August 15) produced inconclusive data […]

Telecommodities Indices – Bandwidth Price Remains Stable

Posted: 08/2000 Bandwidth Price Remains Stable The July 2000 price for DS-3 bandwidth, $26,858, did not change from the June price. In fact, since April, the price fluctuation has been stable, ranging from $27,265 to $26,858.The difference between the high and low during the four-month period is $407, or a price swing range of 1.5 […]

Stock Watch – Investors Take Breather

Posted: 07/2000 Investors Take Breather Light volume characterized the market at the end of our session as investors waited on the sidelines until after the Federal Reserve’s policy meeting, with techs and other stocks battered despite some positive earnings reports. But stocks rebounded on the last day of our session (May 15) with Wall Street […]

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