Agency – Online Relationship Tools Make Partners’ Lives Easier

Posted: 04/2001 Agency Online Relationship Tools Make Partners’ Lives Easier This year, carriers such as Sprint Corp. ( and Qwest Communications International Inc. ( have implemented online tools to better handle the enterprise relationship between vendor and channel. In tandem, companies such as ChannelWave Software Inc. (, InfoNow Corp. ( and Partnerware Inc. ( are […]

E-Channel – Lack of Tools, Strategy Hampers e-Business Web Efforts

Posted: 04/2001 E-Channel Lack of Tools, Strategy Hampers e-Business Web Efforts By Becky Bracken Wide variations in adoption and implementation of e-business strategies are typical in any industry, but they are even more noticeable within the conservative telecommunications sector. There are communications service providers that have been early adopters of complex Internet functionalities like electronic […]

Wowing the Customer

Posted: 01/2001 Wowing the Customer Contact Center Needs to Leave Lasting Good Impression By Roberta Tamburrino After the Telecommunications Act of 1996 passed, the seeds of a service revolution were planted in the new marketplace. The fruits of those seeds were supposed to be that customers no longer would wait on hold endlessly to speak […]

Business News – Dot-Com Company Becomes Sprint Agent

Posted: 07/2000 Dot-Com Company Becomes Sprint Agent BY TARA SEALS (, a business to business financial portal for companies that want to attract capital and go public, signed an agent agreement Tuesday with Sprint Business ( is Sprint’s first dot-com agent, and the carrier says the move indicates a trend towards “thinking outside […]

Balancing the Bundle

Posted: 06/2000 Balancing the Bundle Real-World Network Management Strategies By M. J. Richter Many industry observers, especially those on Wall Street, say the critical success factor for today’s carriers is the ability to offer bundled services–local, long-haul and Internet access–at competitive prices.However, carriers operating in the real world know it’s not quite that simple. Any […]

Business News – Williams to Trade on Commodities Experience

Posted: 04/2000 Williams to Trade on Commodities Experience By Ken Branson and Khali Henderson Williams’ communications arm, Williams Communications Group Inc. ( announced in mid-February that it has formalized a strategy for bandwidth trading with intent to become a leader in setting trading standards for the industry.While the move is surprising given the carrier’s heretofore […]

Using Technology Marketing Tools Within theRules

Posted: 11/1999 Using Technology Marketing Tools Within the Rules By Edwin N. Lavergne Marketers are always looking for new ways to reach consumers. With the evolution of technology, new tools have become available to target consumers in their homes, but federal and state regulators concerned about privacy, fraud and harassment have responded by enacting a […]

Pricing Tools Simplify Network Design

Posted: 10/1999 Pricing Tools Simplify Network Design By Liz Montalbano With the growing number of facilities-based providers in the telco market, shopping for a network has become more like a trip to a shopping mall than a stop at the corner store. Since it’s not just incumbents or the Big Three that have fiber and […]

Call Centers: Beyond Order-Taking

Posted: 07/1999 Call Centers: Beyond Order-Taking By David Schock As competition continues to increase in the telecommunications industry, carriers are reorienting various business units accordingly. This includes call centers, where sales agents are being trained to apply consultative sales techniques and use competitive sales tools to retain, win back and acquire customers. Agents are moving […]

Expect No Mercy

Posted: 09/1998 Expect No Mercy Subscription Fraudsters Are Formidable Foes By Mario McCash Subscription fraudsters come in all types, and prey upon service providers eager to welcome new customers in a highly competitive market. What’s your secret weapon? One of the most pernicious of all telecommunications fraud is subscription fraud, whereby the subscriber has no […]

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