… On the House Judiciary Committees Telecom and Antitrust Task Force hearing regarding net neutrality … [D]espite how we wish it were otherwise, the market for broadband Internet access is not competitive and … the network operators both domestic and foreign fully intend to extend their market power to restrict consumer choice of content by […]

RADCOM Debuts R70 Tool

RADCOM Ltd. at TeleManagement World on Tuesday unveiled its R70 Probe, a monitoring and analysis tool for next-generation network infrastructures and services. The probe was designed for ILECs and cable and cellular operators restructuring their networks so they can offer next-generation services. Powered by Gear Set, RADCOMs proprietary processing engine, the LINUX-based R70 enables data […]

AT&T to Trade Under T Symbol

The new AT&T Inc. tomorrow will begin trading under the T symbol on the New York Stock Exchange. The T was AT&T Corp.s symbol before the company was bought by SBC Communications Inc. AT&T Corp. was a member of the Dow 30 until April 2004. SBC, which changed its name to AT&T Inc. after the […]

Conference Sessions Highlight Convergence

Convergence has gone from whats next to whats now, as reflected by todays education sessions at TELECOM 05. A particular focus will be the coming impact of broadband television, but industry dynamics from taxes to revenue shares also will be considered. We want to offer attendees a little taste of whats next, says John Abel, […]

GC Goes IPv6

Global Crossing announced today its deployment of IPv6 in its MPLS-based global network. This upgrade puts Global Crossing well ahead of U.S. government requirements for network operators to move to IPv6 by 2008, and it gives the company more scalability and flexibility to address new applications, says Debra Swann, segment director for carrier data. She […]

Train Agents Today to Help Them Sell Tomorrow

Getting agents to educate themselves about the products they sell can be like, well, pulling teeth. They need to know what a technology or service will do for a client, because that is one way to earn repeat business. Many master agents do their part to provide agents the tools to sell knowledgeably, and to […]

Train Today If You Want to Be Here Tomorrow

By Dale Stein Telecommunications is a very dynamic industry that constantly is being enhanced by new technology. It is to the point where innovative products are being launched into the marketplace on a daily basis. These products are forcing companies to employ people with a much different skill set than they sought in the past. […]

Business News – Dole Delivers at ASCENT

Posted: 01/2001 Dole Delivers at ASCENT More than 2,000 people gathered in Anaheim, Calif., for the ASCENT Fall 2000 Conference and Exhibition, where Republican Party primary presidential candidate Elizabeth Dole exhorted the virtues of public service. The Nov. 13-16 show also featured performances by the Beachboys, Jay Leno, a trip to Disneyland and a glimpse […]

Meshing Voice and Data at the ‘NewEdge’

Posted: 01/2000 Meshing Voice and Data at the ‘New Edge’ Toward Seamless Multiservice Networks By Richard Connaughton The first humanoid who picked up a rock and used it as a tool hardly could have imagined how this simple act ultimately would lead to the tools we take for granted today, from the laptop PC to […]

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