Tom Wheeler


FCCs Wheeler Moves to Crack Down on Robocalls

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s plan, slated for a vote on June 18 by the entire five-member commission, represents an attempt to address American consumers’ hatred of telemarketing and automated phone calls.

Net Neutrality: The Battle Lines Are Drawn

The most vocal arguments for and against net neutrality border on the ridiculous. Policymakers should follow the lead of FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler and Senator Al Franken in trying to find a balanced solution.

Wheeler Embraces Technology-Neutral Regulation

At a time of significant change in the political makeup of our country, and the advent of a rewrite of the 1996 Telecommunications Act, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is endorsing the concept of technology-neutral regulation.

What the Midterm Elections Mean to Telecommunications

Telecommunications and the supporting infrastructure are undergoing substantial review at the FCC, and new regulations defining access rates, services and competition are pending; a change in Congress will influence the direction of the regulations.

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