Spectrum Upgrades TrueVue TEM

Spectrum Inc. unveiled the latest release of its telecom lifecycle management software. TrueVue Version 4.0 includes an enhancement on how rate plans and plan features are selected and tracked. The tool enables customers to create employee classes and corresponding rate plans and features instead of linking them to a specific location/cost center, explained Spectrum President […]

Why TEM Needs Executive Sponsorship

As Spectrum expands its telecom expense management offerings, we have been brought into a number of opportunities where the customer has endured a failed TEM implementation and is evaluating alternative providers. Increasingly, we have found a primary reason for these failed deployments is the lack of executive sponsorship. While the TEM provider can be at […]

How to Sell a TEM Solution

While telecom expense management and telecom life cycle management are not new, agents continue to ask how to sell these solutions. The first thing an agent must understand is that he is not selling a traditional telecom service like local, long-distance, data, wireless or conferencing. Instead of selling a commodity that most decision makers understand […]

Telecom Lifecycle Management Reduces Global Costs by 25%

Recent research from Aberdeen Group found that multinational companies are slashing their telecom and network costs by 25 percent or more. The report, “Global Telecom Lifecycle Management: Cost-Cutting Solutions for Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Rest of the World,” encountered the top two reasons that best-in-class companies sought to control their telecom environments were a) […]

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