Persona Non Grata

By Peter Radizeski, RAD-INFO Apparently, my stats in the last post were inaccurate, according to BellSouth. And management is none too happy with my mentioning of the program or the company. I was even asked what my purpose was in writing? Well, my purpose in writing is to help the agents. If we take a […]

What Does Football Have to Do With It?

The keynote address at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo was the inimitable Joe Theismann — NFL football great. You probably heard that he was well-received by the mostly-male crowd at the show. Personally, I was impressed at how many times he jumped up on the riser/stage given his bum leg and advancing years (I’m […]

No Sweat

Posted: 02/1999 No Sweat It all started when I moved. A short move–half a mile within the same local phone exchange. Can I just transfer the phone numbers and services from my old address to my new address around the corner? No sweat, I thought. I called US WEST Inc. well in advance to place […]

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