I “Hear” You Now

Sharelle Goff, academic advisor for deaf and hardof- hearing students at Utah Valley State College, uses Sorenson VRS. Thousands of deaf and hard-of-hearing users, including a reality TV star and a probasketball player, are using Sorenson Video Relay Service (VRS) to connect to the hearing world. Using the Sorenson VP-100 videophone appliance connected to a […]

Chief Executives Say Consolidation is Necessary

Chief executives of three telecommunications companies on Monday said industry consolidation is vital to support the health of the sector and compete more effectively with such titans as national cable operators, wireless carriers and the four regional phone companies. Theres got to be a lot of consolidation going forward, WilTel Communications President and CEO Jeff […]

C’mon, Get ‘Appy

The Web-hosting market is back after a long hiatus, but with a new act: It’s joining with applications and business services, making the space a bit more profitable for resellers willing to bundle Web presence with applications like e-mail and online transaction engines, or hosted software applications like enterprise resource planning. Unlike the Partridges, this […]

Mike Ditka Says Life is Competition

NFL icon Mike Ditka preaches a relatively straightforward message to Corporate America during a keynote today dubbed ACE. It stands for attitude, character and enthusiasm traits that are relevant both on and off the field. Life is competition and I think thats why people relate to sports so well because you see a winner and […]

AT&T Independence Questioned

By AT&T Corp. is a Fortune 100 company with a household name and roots dating back to the invention of the telephone in 1875. Yet billions of dollars in company sales are vanishing year after year. This situation has analysts and academics speculating whether AT&T can stay independent. For the 2004 fiscal year, AT&T projects […]

A Consultative Approach Leads to More Revenue

Simon Ginsberg, president of User Centric Communications, has a message: Customers can save a lot of money by looking at more than rates. By analyzing vendor selection and tax reduction, agents can create a larger reduction in cost for customersand win the business. TAG caught up with him in April. TAG: Tell me about the problem […]

Rewriting the Telecom Act

Washington is buzzing that beginning next year Congress may attempt to write a comprehensive telecommunications act. The explosion of Internet-based phone service, some insiders say, has prompted the congressional discourse as regulators, academics and other observers hold to the philosophy that federal law has not kept pace with technology. “I think for the first time […]

VoIP, Solution Providers and the Future of Telecom

TAG tracked down Craig Schlagbaum, the new channel head at Level 3 Communications Inc. This industry veteran has put in time at Qwest Communications International Inc. and NTT/Verio Inc., and offers insight to how the channel business is evolving in the age of convergence. TAG: What’s new with Level 3’s VARs now that you’ve joined […]

Business Intelligence – A Q&A with New Edge Networks Dan Moffat

A Q&A with New Edge Networks Dan Moffat TAG: What’s new in 2004 for the world of business broadband? Dan Moffat: Well, there is a lot happening! The biggest things are Wi-Fi, VoIP and low-cost VPN for multi-site business customers. New Edge Networks has focused on business multi-site networks since its inception. We are doing […]

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