Crowe: VoIP the Biggest Thing Since AT&Ts Breakup

IP and WDM have hit the industry with such force that they have created a tsunami that is overturning communications and creating new opportunities, says Level 3 Communications Inc. CEO James Q. Crowe, yesterdays keynote speaker. Over the centuries mankind has been through three revolutions — agricultural, industrial and information, Crowe says, with each revolution […]

Security is the IT Thing

Research firms across the country are releasing study results that show solutions providers are solidly positioned to profit from selling IT security and integration to end users such as retailers, health care companies, government departments, financial institutions and more. The key is that such demand requires traditional partners to work with others who specialize in […]

Arbitration: A Double-Edged Sword

Most agreements, including most telecommunications agreements, contain language identifying the forum in which disputes will be resolved. To an everincreasing degree, telecommunications agreements require the parties to submit their disputes to arbitration. Although these provisions can be among the most important in any agreement, they are little understood, buried in the boilerplate at the end […]

INTERVIEW: FCC Chairman Michael Powell

Posted: 04/2002 FCC Chairman Michael Powell By Fred Dawson & Kim SunderlandIN ADVANCE OF FCC CHAIRMAN Michael K. Powell’s keynote presentation in March at the Competitive Telecommunications Association PHONE+ editor at large Fred Dawson and contributing writer Kim Sunderland spoke to the head of the nation’s telecommunications regulatory body regardingcompetition and regulation. The following is […]

The Letter – What’s Next?

Posted: 09/2001 The Letter What’s Next? As I sit down to write my “comeback” editor’s letter (for those of you that didn’t notice, I was gone from this post for the past year), I am not nearly as anxious about its contents as I was the first time I came back from “entrepreneurhood” in 1998, […]

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