TMC Presentation: Achieve Success by Changing the Rules

The way to get ahead in this brave new world of telecom is to offer clients valueadded services, not the lowest rates. That is the message TMC Communications (Booths 314-316) will impart during its vendor-neutral presentation, How to Win the Rate Game Change the Rules. Of course, this is a mantra channel partners have heard […]

Taking Advantage of New Business Models

Google,Yahoo! and a host of other Internet powerhouses have begun to challenge the telephony status quo with their own free VoIP offerings. How will market dynamics change as these companies give away the very voice services that traditional telephone companies sell for profit? Are these VoIP offerings truly free? The Executive Viewpoint: A New Voice […]

Sunrise, Sunset

Wholesale telecommunications services contribute more to overall industry revenue than most people realize. Defined as the sale of voice or data services by one carrier to another carrier for resale or for use in its own network, or the sale of the same services to a pure reseller, wholesale revenue makes up 28 percent of […]

Get Ready for the Collapse of Traditional Access Charges

Posted: 1/2004 Get Ready for the Collapse of Traditional Access Charges By Allen Long Over the last two decades, changes in the telecommunications industry have strained the traditional access charge structure to the breaking point. This structure is likely to collapse during the next two years, and savvy service providers should prepare now for this […]

ROUND TABLE: on the telecom industry’s economic recovery

Posted: 06/2002 Round Table… … on the telecom industry’s economic recovery“All indicators point toward service providers returning to health in late 2003, but still no noticeable increase in overall capex until 2004. While traffic growth remains strong, average long-haul trunk capacity utilization is just 35 percent and service providers have found numerous means to extract […]

Business News – DSL Wholesalers Reinventing Themselves

Posted: 04/2001 DSL Wholesalers Reinventing Themselves By Becky Bracken Faced with unfavorable market conditions, fierce competition from incumbents and an ever-shrinking pool of ISP distribution channels, DSL wholesalers are going through an inevitable period of reinvention. But in an industry where demand is high and continues to grow, smart data LECs (DLECs) that can seize […]

Business News – Payphone Providers Find Themselves A Dying Breed

Posted: 04/2001 Payphone Providers Find Themselves A Dying Breed By Josh Long Paul Chen needs to find a new line of work, if he can just get out of the old line with his shirt still on. Few people in Chinatown and elsewhere are making calls on the 200 or so payphones Chen operates in […]

Agents Look to Future of Industry

Posted: 11/1999 Agents Look to Future of Industry The agent channel has long suffered an identity crisis. The telecom industry’s lone wolves, the independent sales reps comprising the channel have struggled to define for themselves just who and what they are, and more importantly, what role they play in the marketplace. Gathered together at the […]

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