Go Upstream My Friends

By Peter Radizeski, RAD-INFO Here in Atlanta for the start of the six-week fall conference run. Microcorp’s One-on-One, Channel Partners, Round Table, COMPTEL, ISPCON, then VON (throw VoiceCon and INTEROP in there as well). Yep, Atlanta to New Jersey to NOLA to Dallas to San Jose to Boston. Whew! Anyway, here in Atlanta the theme […]

Join the Campaign for Convergence at Channel Partners Expo

With the spring show just one month past, it may be hard to believe that we already are hard at work on the fall show lineup. Today we announced our theme — Campaign for Convergence. (See story.) The event will focus on how indirect sales organizations can source and promote convergence technologies and solutions to […]

Market Makers Push "Telecommodities"

Posted: 12/1998 Market Makers Push "Telecommodities" By Khali Henderson In a decade of "disintermediation," when vendors like Austin, Texas,-based Dell Computer have been praised and copied for eliminating distribution layers (and incremental costs) between them and their customers, the telecommunications services market has added a layer of middlemen. By bringing buyers and sellers together, these […]

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