Lax Wireless-Device Security Exposes 2 in 5 Enterprises

Nearly two of every five enterprises are at risk of exposing sensitive data on wireless devices, and ineffective wireless policies and protocols could be to blame according to the latest research from AOTMP. The findings are surprising given the recent study also shows almost 90 percent of enterprises view security as extremely or very important […]

Why TEM Needs Executive Sponsorship

As Spectrum expands its telecom expense management offerings, we have been brought into a number of opportunities where the customer has endured a failed TEM implementation and is evaluating alternative providers. Increasingly, we have found a primary reason for these failed deployments is the lack of executive sponsorship. While the TEM provider can be at […]

Rivermine Acquires MBG Expense Management

Rivermine, a provider of automated telecom expense management (TEM) solutions, has announced the completed acquisition of MBG Expense Management. MBG is a TEM provider with 60 percent of its customer base in the Fortune 500. Rivermine’s acquisition of MBG enables the company to further enhance its technology and services with MBG’s 20-plus years of TEM […]

Does TEM Really Need Executive Buy-In?

By Troy McCracken, Founder and CEO, Spectrum Inc. As Spectrum continues to expand its channel program and TEM services, we have become involved in a number of opportunities where the customer has endured a failed TEM implementation and is looking to change providers. The reasons given for the failure always are that the TEM partner […]

How to Sell a TEM Solution

While telecom expense management and telecom life cycle management are not new, agents continue to ask how to sell these solutions. The first thing an agent must understand is that he is not selling a traditional telecom service like local, long-distance, data, wireless or conferencing. Instead of selling a commodity that most decision makers understand […]

Asentinel Enhances Wireless Expense Management

Asentinel has unveiled an enhanced Wireless Expense Management package designed to meet the growing demand for Wireless Mobility Management (WMM). This latest management service allows Fortune 1000 companies to reduce service-to-cost ratios, increase mobile usage visibility and improve internal customer support. Asentinel’s Wireless Expense Management solutions are available as a package or a la carte, […]

Telecom Lifecycle Management Reduces Global Costs by 25%

Recent research from Aberdeen Group found that multinational companies are slashing their telecom and network costs by 25 percent or more. The report, “Global Telecom Lifecycle Management: Cost-Cutting Solutions for Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Rest of the World,” encountered the top two reasons that best-in-class companies sought to control their telecom environments were a) […]

Channel To Benefit From Growing Wireless Spend

A recent report from Gartner forecasts that about 80 percent of enterprises will overspend on wireless services for the next five years by an average of 15 percent. With so many businesses ratcheting up their wireless usage, channel partners are presented with an opportunity to help them managed their wireless plans. Channel partners and TEM […]

Movero Touts Mobile Expense Management Capabilities

Movero Technology, a provider of managed IT services for enterprise mobility, has announced that the latest release of its Wireless Management Portal now provides enhanced reporting and analysis capabilities designed to help organizations manage and reduce mobile communication expenses. The newest release of the SaaS Movero solution includes interactive graphical trending and analysis, customizable split […]

Veramark Unveils BI for TEM

TEM provider Veramark Technologies Inc. (VERA.OB) has announced the release of VeraSMART Performance Advisor, a business intelligence solution for analyzing telecom expenses and generating actionable information that can help reduce costs and improve productivity. VeraSMART Performance Advisor provides multiple ways to analyze expense data collected and managed by VeraSMART Communications Management Suite — Veramark’s TEM-enabling technology. […]

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