Posted: 8/2003 News Briefs * Vonage in June announced co-branded partnerships with two cable companies — Armstrong Cable and Advanced Cable Communications. The deals are a first for the company, which has been targeting cable companies to resell its digital telephony services over their installed high-speed lines. Vonage will offer the cable companies’ subscribers unlimited […]

Visibility: Improving

Posted: 3/2003 Visibility: Improving OSS Systems Offer Partitioned View into Provisioning Systems By Khali Henderson Operations support system vendors are enabling carriers to give their resellers partitioned views into the order provisioning process via the Web. The capabilities go beyond electronic order entry to providing resellers with real-time network availability and monitoring of the order […]

One Step at a Time

Posted: 08/2002 One Step at a Time Catalog, Rating, Mediation Solutions Ease Migration to Convergent Billing By Peter Lambert Randy Minervino Profitec SUCH CREATIVE PACKAGING and cross-service discounting will be the order of the day as new customer growth shrinks and churn numbers rise, industry experts predict. Implementing this creativity will require an end to […]

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Posted: 03/2002 BACK OFFICE Back Office Links Alopa Networks Inc. www.alopa.comAplion Networks Inc. www.aplion.comAxiom Systems Ltd. www.axiom-eu.comCapsule Communications Inc. www.capsulecom.comConnexn Technologies www.cnnxn.comCovista Inc. www.covista.comDell Computer Corp. Corp. www.dset.comIBM Corp. Inc. www.ispsoft.comMicrosoft Corp. Technology Inc. www.netcracker.comOpen Telecommunications North America Inc. www.ot-usa.comOrchestream Ltd. www.orchestream.comQuallaby Corp. www.quallaby.comTalk America Inc. Inc. www.telegea.comTelution Inc. www.telution.comVitria Technology […]

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Posted: 2/2002 BACK OFFICE  Back Office Links BizTelOne www.biztelone.comCIMA Telecom Inc. www.interdata.netCIMCO Communications Inc. www.cimco.netConvergys Corp. www.convergys.comDSET Corporation www.dset.comEUR Systems www.eursystems.comFrance Telecom www.francetelecom.comHewlett-Packard Co. www.hp.comHighDeal Inc. www.highdeal.comIDC www.IDC.comIlluminet www.illuminet.comIntec Telecom Systems www.intec-telecom-systems.comNeuStar Inc. Corp. www.peoplesoft.comSprint Corp. www.sprint.comTelecom PARTNERS SA Telution Inc. Verizon Communications Inc.  

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