Carrier Channel: End of the Line?

Posted: 09/2002 End of the Line? Upstart Metro Wholesalers Struggle to Hang On, Investors Cut Losses By Josh Long SIGMA NETWORKS DID NOT FAIL because its management was incompetent, nor was the company’s wholesale strategy irrational, say former employees and analysts. Why then would a telecommunications upstart managed by a team of seasoned executives, including […]

OnFiber Acquires Telseon

OnFiber Communications Inc., a metropolitan wholesale carrier, has acquired its rival Telseon Inc. for pennies on the dollar, marking the company’s second bargain acquisition over the last three months. OnFiber, a privately held company based in Austin, Texas, acquired most of Telseon’s assets – valued at $85 million – for between five cents and 20 […]

Wholesale Channel: Links

Posted: 03/2002 WHOLESALE CHANNEL  Wholesale Channel Links ATLANTIC-ACM AT&T Corp. AT&T Wireless Services www.attws.comCingular Wireless www.cingular.comFederal Communications Commission www.fcc.govFrost & Sullivan www.frost.comGenuity Inc. www.genuity.comGlobal Crossing Holdings Ltd. iBasis Inc. www.ibasis.comITXC Corp. www.itxc.comLevel 3 Communications Inc. www.level3.comMegaPath Networks Inc. www.megapath.netMetromedia Fiber Network Inc. www.mfn.comNextWave Telecom Inc. www.nextwavetel.comPacific Century CyberWorks Telecom www.progresstelecom.comPSINet www.psinet.comQualcomm […]

Special Report Links

Posted: 11/2001 Special Report Restoring America’s Connections   Special Report Links Allegiance Telecom Inc. www.algx.comAmerican Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research www.aei.orgAmerican Tower Corp. www.americantower.comCompetitive Enterprise Institute www.cei.orgAT&T Corp. www.att.comBand-X Ltd. Group www.thebeacongroup.comBroadwing Communications Inc. www.broadwing.comCogent Communications Inc. www.cogentco.comCompaq Computer Corp. www.compaq.comCTC Communications Corp. www.ctcnet.comData Storage Corp. www.stortek.comDynegy Inc. www.dynegy.comEssengent www.essengent.comEverest Broadband Networks www.everestbroadband.comExodus […]

Wholesale Channel Links

Posted: 11/2001 Wholesale Channel Links   Wholesale Channel Links 3R Soft Inc. www.3rsoft.comAccess One Inc. www.accessoneinc.comAlaska Native Wireless LLC www.attws.comAmeritech Corp. www.ameritech.comATLANTIC-ACM www.atlantic-acm.comBellSouth Corp. www.bellsouth.comCapRock Communications Corp. www.caprock.comCisco Systems Inc. Data Corp. Ltd. www.idc.comEasyLink Services Corp. www.easylink.comElectric Mail Company Inc. www.electricmail.comFederal Communications Commission www.fcc.govFrost & Sullivan www.frost.comGartner Inc. www.gartner.comJamcracker Enterprise Inc. www.jamecracker.comIDC www.idc.comLightyear Communications […]

Trading Desk – Software to Help RateXchange Chop IP Services into Pieces

Posted: 10/2001 Trading Desk Software to Help RateXchange Chop IP Services into Pieces By Josh Long RateXchange Corp. plans to activate routers in network access points around the country during the fourth quarter. The activation is part of its strategy to accelerate the number of transactions involving IP services. The new offering is in competition […]

Trading Desk – Metro Connectivity Advances Bode Well for Trading

Posted: 09/2001 Trading Desk Metro Connectivity Advances Bode Well for Trading By Tara Seals Metropolitan-area interconnection is beginning to exhibit signs of life. This is good news for capacity trading, which depends on metro connectivity to achieve its potential. But the market has a ways to go.Industry players acknowledge that bringing buyers and sellers together […]

Wholesale – Level 3 Signs Ethernet Deal with Telseon

Posted: 03/2001 Wholesale Level 3 Signs Ethernet Deal with Telseon By Josh Long Boosting traffic flows without signing an incumbent agreement or laying new pipes through an intercity region, Level 3 Communications Inc. has begun providing a Gigabit Ethernet-based service to customers through an agreement with Telseon. Telseon, which uses an Ethernet protocol rather than […]

Trading Desk: Layer One Lights Up Bandwidth Exchange

Posted: 12/2000 Layer One Lights Up Bandwidth Exchange By Paula Bernier Glass to glass is not only protocol for toasting, but also for exchanging bandwidth, according to LayerOne Inc. (, which this month celebrates its one year anniversary as an optical transport exhange. CEO Alexander Muse says LayerOne is similar to the MAEs–or metropolitan access […]

Ethernet’s Star Rises Again

Posted: 07/2000 Ethernet’s Star Rises Again By Charlotte Wolter With its standard now a ripe 18 months old, gigabit Ethernet services are being launched in metropolitan areas nationwide by new network operators that provide no other service. Gigabit Ethernet lets these operators offer highly scalable and low-cost bandwidth almost on-demand, a service that is getting […]

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