Skype Goes Big in the Living Room with TelyHD

TelyHD with Skype integration is an all-in-one system that offers HD chat (though picture quality, of course, is impacted by the speed of your Internet connection) and runs on Google’s Android operating system.

Skype Takes HD Video Calling to TV

Skype is taking HD IP video to the living room, cutting deals to embed its service into high-definition televisions with Internet capabilities. Skype will come native on Panasonic’s 2010 VIERA CAST-enabled HD TVs and LG Electronics’ new LCD and plasma HD TVs with NetCast Entertainment Access, scheduled to launch mid-year. The two vendors will also […]

Skype Wants to Stalk You Everywhere

Imagine a world where everywhere you turn, a Skype client is waiting for you to use it. In the wake of the Consumer Electronics Show, the potential for VoIP service provider Skype to become natively embedded in a range of devices, from televisions to wireless devices to laptops to any other connected gadget — just […]

AT&T Buys 700MHz Spectrum, Nails in the Coffin for Mobile TV

AT&T Inc. has agreed to buy 12MHz of wireless spectrum in the 700MHz band from Aloha Partners LP for $2.5 billion, which may signal Alohas exit from the wireless space. Aloha is the largest holder of 700MHz spectrum to date, covering 196 million U.S. residents in 72 of the top 100 markets in the U.S. […]

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