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Pumping Up Partner Portals

New technologies and a need for greater document and workflow automation have led to a spate of recent portal rollouts and upgrades.

Deltacom Sales Channel Impact Unclear

Earthlinks plans to buy ITC^DeltaCom have raised more questions than answers about the fate of the indirect sales channels for Deltacom and New Edge Networks.

Carriers Dirty Dealing

There has been much attention given to the question of ethics in the channel this year in particular. The Spring Channel Partners show included an ethics panel that packed the room, and surely everyone recalls a certain T-shirt-wearing protestor that roamed the show floor. Likewise, several agent associations are pursuing initiatives to put together codes of ethics that might serve to certify the ethical make-up, so to speak, of a given agency.

Too Big for the Channel?

Josh Anderson, founder and CEO, Telephony Partners Last week I found myself in the middle of a battle that’s all too familiar – trying to explain to a large carrier why an agent who brought a large enterprise deal should be paid on its growth. This battle has been waged before, even over this particular […]

Book Smart, Street Dumb

Josh Anderson, Founder and CEO, Telephony Partners I have a good friend named Lisa who is an exceptionally intelligent doctor. She studied at top schools, did her residency at Harvard Medical School, and can execute the intricate procedures of her specialty with aplomb. However, faced with a flat tire, balancing her checkbook, or talking to […]

Tech Might Does Not Make Right

        Josh Anderson, founder and CEO, Telephony Partners In my last post, What Have You Done for Me Lately?, I discussed the impact of commoditization on the value proposition of our industry and how that commoditization, when paired with out-of-whack incentives that discourage long-term considerations, negatively impacts the ethical foundation of our […]

What Have You Done for Me Lately?

      Josh Anderson, Founder and CEO, Telephony Partners My initiation into the ethics in the telecommunications industry was not unlike a fraternity hazing. I began as a subagent of a master who ultimately decided that my commissions were better suited to his bank account than mine. I then moved to another master and […]

Are Worst Practices Besting the Channel?

I am beginning to wonder if there is no such animal as channel ethics. Lately, the discussion of unethical behavior in the indirect sales channel has come up over and over. And, the most distressing part is that it seems to be accepted, if not enthusiastically at least resignedly, as the “way things have always […]

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