SS7 Key Enabler for Next-Generation Network Services

Posted: 10/1998 SS7 Key Enabler for Next-Generation Network Services By Peter Meade SS7 now stands to play an important part in next-generation networks, permitting introduction of more advanced services and helping improve the interoperability between the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and Internet protocol (IP)-based networks. While signaling system 7 (SS7) out-of-band signaling protocol represents […]

The Situation in California

Posted: 07/1998 The Situation in California By Jennifer Knapp Within the last 12 months, the California State Assembly has been busy making decisions about how telecommunications providers offering prepaid phone card services in the state of California need to conduct business. Difficulties with companies offering telecard services in the state have arisen directly in minority […]

FCC Reports to Congress on Universal Service, Addresses InternetTelephony

Posted: 06/1998 FCC Reports to Congress on Universal Service, Addresses Internet Telephony By Danny E. Adams, partner Kelly Drye & Warren LLP On April 10, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued its 110-page report to Congress on universal service issues. The report was required by certain members of Congress who added a provision to the […]

The Evolving World of Computer Telephony

Posted: 05/1998 The Evolving World of Computer Telephony Traditional Telecom Vendors Make the IP Voice Connection By Paula Bernier New tools now allow individuals to receive and manage their telephone calls while connected to the Internet. Among the companies offering these hybrid computer/telephone tools are veteran telecom vendors Ericsson Inc., Lucent Technologies Inc. and Northern […]

The Agent-LEC Relationship

Posted: 05/1998 The Agent-LEC Relationship Dream Date or Ongoing Nightmare? By Kieren J. McCobb While trading war stories at the AgENt Trade Fair in Houston at the end of February, I somehow got involved in a conversation with another agent regarding local exchange carriers (LECs). After dramatically closing his eyes and nodding his head from […]

What is Web-based Customer Care?

Posted: 05/1998 Cyber Care Web-Enabled Call Centers Could Cut Costs, Improve Service for Telephone Companies By Khali Henderson Tel-Save’s high-profile 9-cents per-minute long distance offering through America Online has been an ideal and dramatic example of the value of using the Internet to acquire customers and bill them in a low-cost and high-tech way. Once […]

Pushing the Billing Envelope…Aside

Posted: 04/1998 Pushing the Billing Envelope…Aside Internet Invoicing Has Telecom Companies Reconsidering the Paper Chase By Khali Henderson As if Tel-Save’s high-profile, exclusive 9-cent long distance offering through America Online wasn’t enough to compete with, the company is giving its residential and small business converts something they probably never had: an interactive bill, accessible 24 […]

Self-Serve Internet Fill-in Forms Automate Long Distance Service Orders

Posted: 03/1998 By Khali Henderson Tel-Save Holdings Inc. must be the envy of its second-tier long distance carrier peers. The company commenced a month-long test Dec. 31, 1997, joint marketing a 9-cent long distance minute to select subscribers of America Online (AOL), the country’s largest Internet service provider (ISP) with 11 million customers. (If that […]

Disconnected? As Florida Gets Tough on Payphone Quality, Owners Wonder Why

Posted: 02/1998 By Charlene O’Hanlon The Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) has announced it is stepping up inspections and quality assurance within the state’s payphone industry, following a failed spot inspection of about 200 Miami-area payphones. Payphone owners, however, are confused and angered by the PSC’s announcement, citing low consumer complaint rates. The Florida PSC […]

Pinning the Tail on the Donkey

Posted: 01/1998 Pinning the Tail on the Donkey LEC/CLEC Billing in a Destabilized Telecom Environment By Debera Bell-Beam Traditionally, local exchange carrier (LEC) billing has meant local carriers bill on behalf of long distance carriers. Billing information–generally forwarded from a clearinghouse to the LEC–must be appended to an address and a physical location controlled by […]

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