Using Technology Marketing Tools Within theRules

Posted: 11/1999 Using Technology Marketing Tools Within the Rules By Edwin N. Lavergne Marketers are always looking for new ways to reach consumers. With the evolution of technology, new tools have become available to target consumers in their homes, but federal and state regulators concerned about privacy, fraud and harassment have responded by enacting a […]

Occupational Hazard

Posted: 10/1999 Occupational Hazard Telecom Careers Headed for Detour By John McMorrow The telecommunications industry is changing and so are its jobs. Industry and occupational boundaries will begin to blur. Changes in consumer demand, markets, technology and business practices will reshuffle labor demand. New occupations will emerge and other occupations will disappear. While total employment […]

Telcos Turn Copper into Digital TV

Posted: 10/1999 Telcos Turn Copper into Digital TV Remember the information superhighway–the broadband fast lane telephone companies planned to pave past every American home, delivering voice services, high-speed Internet connections, video-on-demand and other digital delights? Was it just a high-speed fantasy? The information superhighway may not be universally deployed, but the promise of residential broadband […]

IP Call Control Still Under Construction

Posted: 10/1999 IP Call Control Still Under Construction By Charlotte Wolter Building the standards for call control in IP networks is an ongoing process, though the effort has reached an important milestone with H.248 Large-scale deployments of Internet protocol (IP) telephone networks still have failed to materialize, despite several years of feverish interest and investigation […]

Moving Corporate Solutions Into the Cloud

Posted: 09/1999 Moving Corporate Solutions Into the Cloud By Pamela Thompson Enhanced services typically have been structured as independent service offerings by separate business units within a single service provider. In a PTT, for instance, it is common for the wireless, Internet and wireline providers to each have implemented their own enhanced services solutions. These […]

IXC Expands Business Unit with Coastal Acquisition

Posted: 07/1999 IXC Expands Business Unit with Coastal Acquisition IXC Communications Inc., Austin, Texas, has expanded its retail division, Eclipse Telecommunications Inc., with the completed acquisition of Coastal Telephone Co., Houston. Announced in January, the transaction is valued at approximately $100 million. The acquisition allows IXC to sell its broader product line into Coastal’s base […]

FCC Approves Billing Standards

Posted: 06/1999 FCC Approves Billing Standards By Kim Sunderland Restraining itself from mandating specific rules, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has issued general guidelines on the content and format of telephone bills. In its truth-in-billing and billing format item (Common Carrier Docket No. 98-170), the FCC April 15 approved a Report & Order and Further […]

New Payphone Economics – A Thoeretical Model

Posted: 04/1999 New Payphone Economics A Theoretical Model By John S. Bain As with so many industries, the twin forces of technology and political mandate are hard at work in the payphone service provider (PSP) industry, enabling a slow but sure return to profitability. In particular, the competitive entrants, the independent payphone providers (IPPs), will […]

Long Distance Peddlers No More

Posted: 03/1999 Long Distance Peddlers No More –Part One By Kieren McCobb As a consultant, among the most frequent queries I receive are about starting or running a long distance agency. The better question would be how to operate a "network services" agency. No doubt you have heard that the very survival of traditional long […]

Tapping into Home Networking

Posted: 02/1999 Tapping into Home Networking By Dan Sweeney With telephones’, televisions’ and, now, personal computers’–when they come to life–changing innovations, sometimes "one of each" just isn’t enough. With more and more households installing multiple personal computers (PCs), consumers are looking to connect and share at-home computing resources. And the way they will do it–through […]

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