Cellular One, Equinox Ink Deal

Equinox Information Systems (Booth 718) has announced that Cellular One of East Central Illinois has licensed Equinoxs Collector and TeleLink products. The platforms will integrate with Cellular Ones Ericsson AXE10 and Nokia switches. Collector provides real-time delivery of usage records to a carriers local area network, while TeleLink facilitates the delivery of usage records to […]

Onvoy Selects Equinox’s TeleLink Mediation Software

Nashville-based Equinox Information Systems (Booth 718) has announced that Onvoy, an independent LEC based in Minneapolis, has licensed and installed the TeleLink mediation software system. TeleLink integrates with Lucent Technologies Inc.s Plexus 9000 multiservice access switch and Nortel Networks DMS 100/200 switch, which are the two primary switch types deployed in the Onvoy network. Onvoy […]

Mpower Purchase Triggers $500,000 Agent Equity Payout

The pending aquisiton of CLEC Mpower Communications Corp. by rival TelePacific Communications will trigger more than $500,000 in payouts to Mpower agents that earned warrants in the company. JR Cook, vice president of alternate channels for Mpower, says the company issued 1,054,576 warrants to agents since the program was announced in October 2003. The total […]

NTS Upgrades With Equinox Software

Nashville-based Equinox Information Systems (Booth 1317) has announced that CLEC and long-distance company NTS Communications (Booth 1008) has upgraded its network management software to include new versions of Equinoxs Manager and TeleLink software systems. For the past several years, NTS has been running Equinox software across our Alcatel/Lucent multiswitch network, said Gary Sams, vice president […]

Equinox Signs GTA

Equinox Information Systems (Booth 1317) has announced that TeleGuam Holdings LLC (known as GTA), has licensed its Collector and TeleLink software. Collector and TeleLink comprise the Equinox mediation platform for downloading and integrating usage data from the switch-to-billing applications and other operational support systems. GTA will use the mediation software to download usage data from […]

X4 Named Top Master Agent in Chicago for 3 Providers

Chicago-based X4 Communications LLC (Booth 122) says it has been named a top master agent for three providers Mpower Communications Inc. (Booth 301), CIMCO Communications Inc. and GlobalCom Inc. operating in The Windy City. X4 is the year-old merger of three master agencies UteleSys, Communications Industries and Telelink Communications. Mpower Communications, a super regional CLEC […]

All 4 One: Master Agencies Merge

Three master agencies - UteleSys, Communications Industries and Telelink Communications - have come together to form X4 Communications LLC, consolidating carrier commitments and back offices to improve commissions and efficiencies for their subagents. The new company launched in April. “Our cradle-to-grave approach to managing agent processes and focus on quality control will allow us to provide the […]

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