Agency Channel: Telcos Roll Out ASP Services to Agents

Posted: 10/2000 Telcos Roll Out ASP Services to Agents By Tara Seals Craig Schlagbaum Telcos are hopping on the hosted apps bandwagon and taking their agents along for the ride. ICP Winstar Communications Inc.  (, for example, announced in June that it would offer Microsoft Corp.’s  ( Exchange 2000 Platinum on an ASP basis. The […]

Agency Channel: News Briefs

Posted: 09/2000 News Briefs * Telegroup Inc., a Primus Company (, launched in August a new agent web portal,, which offers ASP solutions to help agents sell Telegroup’s bundled services online. The portal offers agent-branded ASP platforms that range from small e-commerce and web hosting sites to large storefront e-commerce sites. It also will […]

PRIMUS To Acquire Retail Business, Assets ofTelegroup

Posted: 07/1999 PRIMUS To Acquire Retail Business, Assets of Telegroup PRIMUS Telecommunications Group Inc., McLean, Va., a facilities-based global telecommunications company, announced that it has agreed to acquire substantially all of the retail assets and business of Telegroup Inc., Fairfield, Iowa, for approximately $72 million in cash and debt securities. PRIMUS will purchase Telegroup’s retail […]

The Rules Have Changed

Posted: 10/1998 The Rules Have Changed By Khali Henderson The international wholesale buy-sell game is being changed by PTT players, plummenting prices and inconsitant quality. It used to be that a U.S. reseller knew who he was buying international termination from. Today, it’s not so clear. International long distance capacity is often resold three and […]

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