Modern Telegraph, InterCall Partner

Network aggregator Modern Telegraph announced it has signed an agreement with conferencing provider InterCall to build and deploy a customizable online conferencing platform. The agreement dictates that Modern Telegraph will sell only InterCall conferencing services. Planned portal options include an individualized pricing engine where customers can define their price requirements. Additional functionality will include foreign […]

UNE CLECs Should Cut the Cord

THE TELEGRAPH, THE TELEPHONE AND EVEN the television have had us wired so long its difficult to imagine the world without the wires. Ironically, wireless communication has been around just as long as wireline. Since 1899, when Marconi radio-telegraphed the results of the Americas Cup yacht races, weve been sending content through the air. So […]

AT&T to Trade Under T Symbol

The new AT&T Inc. tomorrow will begin trading under the T symbol on the New York Stock Exchange. The T was AT&T Corp.s symbol before the company was bought by SBC Communications Inc. AT&T Corp. was a member of the Dow 30 until April 2004. SBC, which changed its name to AT&T Inc. after the […]

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