700MHz Auction Raises Record Amount, D Block Doesnt Sell

The 700MHz spectrum auction closed on Tuesday after raising more money than any other FCC auction. After eight weeks and 261 rounds, the auction netted $19.6 billion, far more than the projected $10 billion. Despite two months of activity, however, the D Block intended for a public-private first responder partnership did not sell. On the […]

SunRocket Crashes

When SunRocket Inc. abruptly shut down this summer, the news seemed to come out of nowhere. But there were signs pointing to the young companys demise that were easily overlooked by an industry mad for VoIP. Numbers from research firm TeleGeography show that SunRockets decline was steady. Nobody really knew for sure what was going […]

SunRocket Apparently Shuts Down

SunRocket Inc., which in recent weeks has been sending out mixed signals about its prospects for the future, has apparently closed its doors. Reports of this news are circulating in the media just a week after the Vienna, Va.-based company laid off a quarter of its work force. An e-mail to the CTO resulted in […]

Level 3 Rollup Strategy Making Progress

THE WHOLESALE MARKET IS in flux, illustrated by yet another strategic acquisition that narrows the field of carriers carriers. Level 3 Communications Inc. announced in late January it will buy up yet another wholesaler, Progress Telecom LLC, based in St. Petersburg, Fla. Level 3 WilTel, and Progress U.S. Networks Click to Enlarge Level 3 will […]

Long-Haul Wholesale Field Narrows

The Level 3 Communications Inc. merger with WilTel Communications Group LLC mirrors the industrywide predilection for consolidation, and analysts predict it will help the former rivals land customers neither could get flying solo and, perhaps more importantly, inspire more stable pricing in the wholesale market. It also may mean Level 3 will stay true to […]

International Traffic Changes Lanes

Posted: 1/2004 International Traffic Changes Lanes By Khali Henderson The wholesale international termination business is far different from the days of bilateral agreements between incumbent operators. These deals do exist and remain the foundation for worldwide traffic exchange, but the introduction of mobile and VoIP players are changing the landscape not only the sources for […]

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