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Opinion: The Right Way to Regulate

In the sea of acronyms that is Washington, D.C.’s regulatory world, it’s easy to become disenchanted by the way all the agencies, commissions, committees, working groups and think tanks make regulatory recommendations and decisions. In a heavily regulated industry like telecommunications, there must be a defining line between superfluous bureaucracy and effective governance to promote […]

Selling in a Slowdown: VoIP, UC Offer Productivity Possibilities

In a struggling economy, businesses might tighten their IT spending … unless there’s a clear ROI that can help them get through the downturn. That’s the scenario offered by VoIP and unified communications. “A recession is going to be a very good thing for VoIP,” says CEO Henry Kaestner. “One level, and this is […]

Soap Box: The Convergence Ship Has Sailed

Has the convergence of voice and data come and gone? The answer is yes. The sad reality is many interconnects did not view convergence as an opportunity to dramatically increase revenues. These traditional phone system providers closed their eyes and pretended the shift from TdM to convergence never occurred. They did not change their business […]

House Extends Internet Tax Ban

The U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday voted to extend a moratorium on state Internet access taxes for four years. Some lawmakers wanted a permanent ban, but the majority didnt see matters that way. The House voted 405-2 to keep the ban in place. It was scheduled to expire Nov. 1. The Senate now must […]

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