Smoky Backyards and Back Rooms

Even the so called debt-ceiling agreement” has sections that are unclear and we will need to wait months before knowing what real changes in spending will result. And that is only if the legislation passes both houses, no certain thing.


With IP communications, cloud based applications, collaboration tools and widely available bandwidth, a business should develop without self-imposed restrictions such as geography or traditional suppliers.

Peer-to-Peer Blog: Zero, Six, 6940

It seems that even when IP communications gets a mentioned in the State of the Union address, it is only as a prop for some other thing.

Peer-to-Peer Blog: Welcome To Telecom Prairie

Fonality just announced its moving its corporate headquarters to Plano, Texas, and I was reminded of the many new companies that have flocked to Telecom Corridor and the nearby cities.

Energy + Telecom: A Good Match

Those in the know say that parallels between the energy and telecom businesses make energy sales a good and profitable fit for channel members.

PHONE+ ASKS: Is Energy the Next Big Thing for the Telecom Channel?

“Definitely. This is an untapped market. This market is a great parallel to the telecom market. The auditor helps reduce cost, the agent receives a residual by ‘switching’ the customer to Glacial Energy or PAETEC, etc., and the TEM providers like TeleBright manage the customer’s inventory and billing. Since we are trusted advisers to our […]

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