With IP communications, cloud based applications, collaboration tools and widely available bandwidth, a business should develop without self-imposed restrictions such as geography or traditional suppliers.

Peer-to-Peer Blog: Zero, Six, 6940

It seems that even when IP communications gets a mentioned in the State of the Union address, it is only as a prop for some other thing.

Peer-to-Peer Blog: Welcome To Telecom Prairie

Fonality just announced its moving its corporate headquarters to Plano, Texas, and I was reminded of the many new companies that have flocked to Telecom Corridor and the nearby cities.

Energy + Telecom: A Good Match

Those in the know say that parallels between the energy and telecom businesses make energy sales a good and profitable fit for channel members.

PHONE+ ASKS: Is Energy the Next Big Thing for the Telecom Channel?

“Definitely. This is an untapped market. This market is a great parallel to the telecom market. The auditor helps reduce cost, the agent receives a residual by ‘switching’ the customer to Glacial Energy or PAETEC, etc., and the TEM providers like TeleBright manage the customer’s inventory and billing. Since we are trusted advisers to our […]

KeaneTel Agents To Sell Energy Services

Master Agent KeaneTel has expanded beyond telecom and Internet into deregulated energy services. KeaneTel’s agents, both existing and those signed under KeaneTel’s new “Cap & Trade” agent program, will be able to sell deregulated electricity and natural gas services to their business customers. This program, which recently completed alpha and beta testing, is fully released […]

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