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Telecom Is HOT Despite Downturn

By Troy McCracken, Founder and CEO, Spectrum Inc. I know the economy is bad and I know that sales are down and everyone you talk to is negative about this year and concerned about next year. However, I recently had the pleasure of exhibiting at the PHONE+ Channel Partners Conference & Expo in Miami and […]

Book Smart, Street Dumb

Josh Anderson, Founder and CEO, Telephony Partners I have a good friend named Lisa who is an exceptionally intelligent doctor. She studied at top schools, did her residency at Harvard Medical School, and can execute the intricate procedures of her specialty with aplomb. However, faced with a flat tire, balancing her checkbook, or talking to […]

Communication Breakdown!

      By Bill Leutzinger, President, TelecomMedic I heard this famous Led Zeppelin song recently and it made me think about what is going on in our business and in our society in general. Lately it seems to me that everyone has forgotten how to communicate. I think this just might be one more […]

Keep an Eye On Your Money

        By Ben Henkels, Principal, Communication Management Partners To some of us, it seems all we need is yet another thing to keep track of these days. We are doing more with fewer resources; we have more time into securing sales, but at least we have our residual commissions coming in. Wait […]

5 Green Technologies You Can Pitch

      Ben Stiegler, CEO and Founder, Synertel How much time do you spend traveling for business each year? Urban commutes, business trips to see customers, etc. Sometimes it seems we spend more time with Homeland Security than our intended meeting partner. Fortunately, several affordable green technologies are changing how people collaborate, commute and […]

Cheaper Rates Higher Bill?

      By Sarah Linares, Vice President, TMC Communications As a reseller, TMC competes daily against other carriers and resellers and I’m amazed when I see some of their invoices. Some carriers and resellers are presenting rates and local access loops that are very aggressive, but wait until you see that first customer invoice! […]

What Is All the Flapping About Twitter?

      By Bill Taylor, President, Corporate Ladders Social networking is all the rage and it seems everywhere I go there is someone downloading, talking about, or using Facebook, Linked In, or Twitter. Well, there must be a reason for all this buzz, and Twitter recently received (and declined) an acquisition offer in excess […]

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