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Sprint to Pay $15 Million More for Ongoing Layoffs

The service provider first estimated $165 million. But, it said late Wednesday, "At that time, the company was unable to estimate the total amount of costs expected to be incurred from the workforce reduction plan."

Telecom Industry Layoff Tracker 2010: Nokia Lets 285 Go

Mobile phone maker Nokia (NOK) is laying off 285 people in its Salo, Finland plant as it works to develop its own high-end smartphone. Nokia has lagged rivals, especially when it comes to touchscreen devices. A smartphone focus is long overdue at Nokia; along those lines, ABI Research at the beginning of this year urged Nokia […]

Telecom Industry Layoff Tracker: 16,900 Jobs Lost in Jan.

Near the end of 2009, the telecom industry’s layoff announcements had slowed (most of the big news happened mid-year). But, it’s a new year, complete with new slashing and burning in the works as the recession lingers, despite claims to the contrary. Cutthroat competition among network gear and mobile devices rivals is to blame for […]

CenturyLink Gets Rid of 600 More Employees

CenturyLink, the operator formed by the merger of CenturyTel Inc. and Embarq Corp., is laying off 600, 20 percent, of its workers in the Kansas City area. The job losses come a few months after the $11.6 billion deal officially closed, but they’re not the first round of cuts since CenturyTel has integrated Embarq. The Kansas […]

Microsoft Jettisons 5,000 Employees

Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) today joined the ranks of IT companies laying off workers because of tough economic times. The Redmond, Wash.-based software giant said Thursday it’s eliminating 5,000 jobs over the next 18 months. About 1,400 people got the axe already today. Microsoft blamed the cuts on worse-than-projected fiscal second-quarter earnings – the company expects the numbers […]

Tech Sectors Pain Grows: Motorola Cuts 4,000 More Jobs

Chalk up Jan. 14 as another horrid day for job prospects in the tech sector. The same day Nortel Networks declared bankruptcy, and after VoIP equipment maker Sonus Networks Inc. said it’s slashing 40 more jobs, Motorola Inc. (MOT) had to go and outdo that number a hundred times over with the announcement it’s cutting 4,000 […]

Sonus Slashes 40 More Jobs

A month after chopping 50 jobs, Sonus Networks Inc. (SONS) is cutting 40 more. The VoIP equipment maker’s shares closed down more than 9 percent at $1.40 on Wednesday; the news was announced late Tuesday. Sonus expects to pay up to $850,000 in severance costs, but said it will save about $5 million annually because of […]


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