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OpenVox, Humbug Team to Prevent Fraud

Humbug Telecom Labs has partnered with China-based OpenVox Communication, a provider of open-source Asterisk telephony hardware and software products, to help prevent telecom fraud for OpenVox customers.

2011’s Biggest Frauds and Phreaks

As 2011 begins to fade away, we look back at the biggest Telecom Frauds and Phreaks that made headlines. From the news that Steve Jobs used to commit Blue Box Fraud, to the funding of terror, it has been an eventful year.

Telecom Fraud: From Fun Phreak to Terrorism

Just like you are not protected from computer infections if you do not install anti-virus, if you do not protect your PBX, you can be exposed to millions of dollars in fraud and you could be helping terrorists.

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