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Surprise Surcharges

Agents are constantly dealing with surcharge surprise on carrier bills, leaving them and their customers fighting for an explanation.

Wheres the After-Sale Support?

Ben Stiegler, CEO and Founder, Synertel In my last blog, I discussed carrier accountability in delivering a working circuit on time. In some ways, that’s just the ante to the game. Customers expect nearly perfect circuit performance, particularly when all voice and data are riding a single T1. Customers also expect accurate bills, which are […]

COMPTEL: BillSoft Unveils EZTax, EZViewer

BillSoft Inc. (Booth 815) announced at COMPTEL PLUS the release of two new products, EZTax Sales & Use and EZTax Viewer Sales & Use. EZTax Sales & Use includes more than 450 types of transactions covering areas such as beverages, clothing, digital goods, general merchandise, magazines, food services, software and more. Sales and use tax […]

COMPTEL: Globalcom Selects BillSofts Taxation Software

BillSoft Inc. (Booth 815) announced that Chicago-based Globalcom Inc., a voice and data network provider serving SMBs, selected BillSofts EZTax product line to tax its communications services and manage its taxation requirements. EZTax will integrate into Globalcoms billing operations to provide a real-time billing and taxing platform. The integration is expected to be completed during […]

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