PPL Telcom Solves BPL Interference Problems, Says Executive

Mike McCabe, of Quincy, Ill., has no beef with broadband over powerline service (BPL) so long as it doesnt disrupt his hobby as an amateur radio operator. Not all his peers feel precisely the same way. In late April, the National Association for Amateur Radio (ARRL) asked President Bush to withdraw his support of BPL […]


MCI in February requested a two-month extension on its deadline to emerge from bankruptcy. The Ashburn, Va., company said the extension would give it time to complete its filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. MCI said it has obtained all necessary approvals from regulators and creditors to emerge from bankruptcy. Meanwhile, MCI and AT&T […]

PPL Telcom Marks 2003 Milestones

PPL Telcom LLC (Booth 805), an unregulated subsidiary of PPL Corp., is celebrating several milestones achieved in 2003. The carrier, which provides broadband connections to telecom companies, ISPs and large businesses and institutions, reports its transport revenue and customers grew by more than 200 percent, customer circuits increased by more than 300 percent and its […]

PPL Telcom Plans IP Services Rollout

PPL Telcom (Booth 805), a Pennsylvania-based transport provider serving wholesale carriers and large enterprises, is rolling out IP services beginning in March, according to carrier services executives at the company, which provides broadband connections to telecom companies, ISPs and large businesses and institutions. PPL currently provides Gigabit Ethernet and SONET services to East Coast markets […]

Carrier Channel: NEWS BRIEFS

Posted: 6/2003 NEWS BRIEFS * France-based ComoreTel has partnered with Teleglobe Inc. to improve its international toll-free services by offering worldwide toll-free dialing from an additional 76 countries, bringing its total access to about 100 countries. ComoreTel’s Global269 provides freephone access from countries around the world through just one number. ComoreTel chose Teleglobe as a […]

PARTNER CHANNEL: Cooperative Sales Put Channel Partners  In With The ‘In Crowd’

Posted: 6/2003 Cooperative Sales Put Channel Partners  In With The ‘In Crowd’ By Tara Seals US LEC’s Dennis Patti Far from the days of being the 100-pound weakling in a class of direct sales jocks, today’s channel partners are cool guys to have around for efficiency-minded service providers. It started when agents and partners began […]

Unlocking SS7’s Potential

Posted: 01/1999 Unlocking SS7’s Potential By Peter Meade Unlocking and using information that always has been available–but not easily accessible–in signaling system 7 (SS7) networks is emerging as a new way for service providers to survive and thrive in these competitive times. Rick Botting is so sure that accessing this knowledge is the key to […]

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