Wholesale Channel: Will Global Crossing Sink or Swim?

Posted: 03/2002 WHOLESALE CHANNELWill Global Crossing Sink or Swim? By Josh Long The recent bankruptcy filing of Global Crossing Holdings Ltd. signifies the harshest blow to investors who gambled on the wholesale telecommunications market since the late ’90s, injecting billions of dollars into communications companies that built fiber-optic networks around the world to power the […]

He Said, She Said

Posted: 1/2002 He Said, She Said Under Revised Rules, Third-Party Verifiers Pitch Live, Automated Benefits By Peter Lambert   "With automated systems, no superfluous information can be injected into the transaction." Travis Brown, director of account management, Speech Solutions iBasis Inc.  As with many a federal regulation, the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) first set of […]

E CHANNEL: Untangle Web Affiliate Marketing

Posted: 1/2002 E-Channel Untangle Web Affiliate Marketing By Josh Long An affiliate program — in which a business works with partners to promote its products and services on multiple web sites through banner ads and other links — is one way to broaden an e-business initiative.But, without software-based tracking tools, it can be unwieldy to […]

Partner Channel – NEWS BRIEFS

Posted: 09/2001 Partner Channel NEWS BRIEFS * GTC Telecom Corp. ( has stepped up recruitment for its sales affiliate program. It offers residual commissions to affiliates for the life of the customer, at a rate of 10 percent of the agent’s monthly account revenue. GTC says it plans to expand its sales and marketing programs, […]

Cool New Companies

Posted: 11/2000 Cool New Companies Industry Startups Worth Watching Sometimes that single word expresses all you feel when a new company describes what it is doing, shows its products or releases the names of industry giants who have come aboard. When competition is great, as it is in the telecommunications industry, it is difficult for […]

Industry’s Evolution Demands We Get a Makeover

Posted: 10/2000 Industry’s Evolution Demands We Get a Makeover We admit it. As quickly as the telecommunications industry changes and evolves with emerging technologies, the tendency as journalists is to cover it all. Throwing such a wide blanket of coverage on such a vast field can result in diluted quality.At PHONE+ we are not willing […]

Business News – Level 3 to Install Corning’s New Generation Fiber

Posted: 10/2000 Level 3 to Install Corning’s New Generation Fiber Level 3 Communications Inc. ( announced it will deploy Corning Inc.’s ( new generation of optical fiber throughout its U.S. intercity network.The company pairing significantly increases Level 3’s capacity and cost efficiency, and it gives Corning a chance to show off its fiber, which it […]

Business News – Carriers, Corvis Achieve Optical Networking Milestones

Posted: 09/2000 Carriers, Corvis Achieve Optical Networking Milestones With news reports appearing that say particle physicists claim they have broken the speed of light by accelerating light pulses 300 times their normal velocity, the applications of such a breakthrough are not even being deployed in the lab.Still, other optical milestones currently are taking place in […]

CLECs Enter Next Growth Phase

Posted: 07/2000 CLECs Enter Next Growth PhaseBy John Windhausen Jr.The local telephone marketplace is undergoing a quiet but substantial transformation. The result could be even more creativity, chaos and, ultimately, competition.From the macro perspective, the local marketplace seems bustling with activity. From revenue of slightly more than $1 billion in the year before the 1996 […]

Carrier Channel: News Briefs

Posted: 07/2000 News Briefs As part of its plan to extend its network to 36 U.S. markets by the end of 2001, Allegiance Telecom Inc. ( has signed a three-year, $350 million agreement for a broad range of advanced telecommunications equipment, software and services from Lucent Technologies Inc. ( The ICP currently serves small and […]

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