BillSoft Adds VoIP Transaction, Service-Type Functions to EZTax

BillSoft Inc. (Booth 521) has added new VoIP transaction and service-type combinations to its EZTax solution to handle complex taxation issues. According to BillSoft, state, county and local jurisdictions seem to be making taxation decisions in three distinct manners. Some jurisdictions have indicated that their taxes apply to VoIP. Other jurisdictions have stated they are […]

Tax Laws Brew Three-part Mix of Trouble

Posted: 12/2000 Tax Laws Brew Three-part Mix of Trouble By Paul Maddock Much like the witches in Macbeth, tax law is brewing a three-part mix of trouble for the telecom industry. State and local governments increasingly are turning to telecom as a revenue source. As a result, the industry faces a complex maze of taxes […]


IN-BOX Call for Nominations PHONE+ ( and the Association of Communications Enterprises ( are seeking nominations for recipients of the 2000 Communications Competition Award.The award recognizes individuals whose contributions have advanced competition in the telecommunications industry since the breakup of the AT&T-Bell System and will be presented jointly by PHONE+ and ASCENT at ASCENT’s Fall […]

A Taxing Situation

Posted: 06/2000 A Taxing Situation IRS, State Collection Methods Become Clearer By Gary T. Rhodus While clarity is appearing in the application, there is a fundamental lack of appreciation for what the changes mean to the prepaid service provider. The service provider will be relieved of tax liability in only a few cases. More often […]

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