It’s a Cross-Border Invasion, Eh

NetOne Solutions Inc. is telecom’s first master agent in Canada and has signed non-exclusive deals with multiple carriers. Why should that matter to agents in the United States? Because, say NetOne executives, this means U.S. agents can get paid for cross-border traffic terminating in the Great White North. James Rutherford, president of NetOne, and COO […]

Wholesale Channel

Posted: 1/2002 Wholesale Channel OSS Advances Preserve Promise of UNE-P Choose Your Web Hosting Wholesaler Well New PaeTec Partner Targets Resellers NextWave, FCC Settle Dispute Over PCS Licenses NEWS BRIEFS

Wholesale Channel: New PaeTec Partner Targets Resellers

Posted: 1/2002 Wholesale Channel New PaeTec Partner Targets Resellers By Tara Seals  E.J. Butler, president wholesale markets group/ network services, PaeTec Facilities-based integrated communications provider PaeTec Communications Inc. has positioned its wholesale channel as a complement to its other business segments. With the launch of a bundled solution tailored for resale, PaeTec offers resellers the […]

Cisco To Enter DWDM Market with Acquisition

Posted: 02/2000 Cisco To Enter DWDM Market with Acquisition Cisco Systems Inc. ( has agreed to acquire the optical systems business of Pirelli S.P.A., Milan, Italy. The purchase of Pirelli Optical Systems is Cisco’s first multibillion dollar acquisition in Europe and the equipment vendor’s first entry into the dense wave-division multiplexing (DWDM) market. The acquisition […]

Resellers Pursue PCS Despite Setbacks

Posted: 09/1998 Resellers Pursue PCS Despite Setbacks By Khali Henderson Once considered resellers’ best hope of bringing a wireless product to market, personal communications services (PCS) have been nearly as hard-won as cellular. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has settled a long-standing dispute between resellers and potential PCS carriers by reaffirming its resale policies up […]

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