Not Necessarily News

Posted: 11/2000 Overheard … … at the AgENt Conference and Expo in New Orleans … "As complicated as [wireless] seems, remember it’s simply radio. I call it Marconi in the millennium." –Keith Ferris, FerrisCom (www. /I> Play Ball Rogers Communications Inc. (www. has agreed to purchase a controlling interest in Toronto Blue Jays […]

Carriers Target ISPs as Distribution Channel

Posted: 01/1999 Carriers Target ISPs as Distribution Channel By Liz Montalbano A variation on the oldest trick in the sales bible, telecommunications service providers are tapping an obvious but largely untapped distribution channel: Internet service providers (ISPs). Though industry experts snickered when Tel-Save Holdings Inc., New Hope, Pa., commissioned America Online Inc., Dulles, Va., to […]

The House that Deregulation Built

Posted: 11/1998 The House that Deregulation Built Telcos Target MDUs with Integrated Services By Peter Meade An increasing number of telecommunications service providers are targeting the residential multiple dwelling unit (MDU) market for the same reasons some warriors prefer bombs over bullets: One shot makes a greater impact. Those lining up their crosshairs on the […]

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