PowerDsine Grants PoE License to Alpha Telecom

PowerDsine Ltd., which makes equipment for Power over Ethernet (PoE), said today it has granted Alpha Telecom Inc. a license to use its patent for making and selling midspan PoE products. The patent covers PoE Midspan products that connect to an Ethernet switch to PoE-enable an enterprise network. PowerDsine has received similar patents in Australia, […]

Telecommodities Indices – DS-3 Bandwidth Decline Again

Posted: 10/2000 DS-3 Bandwidth Decline Again n tracking the current weighted average coast-to-coast price of DS-3 bandwidth, RTBX*RPI reports the August 2000 rate of $24,690 declined 8 percent, or $2,168, from July’s rate of $26,858. The rate reduction means prices have declined on a month-to-month basis in six of the last seven months.Current month to […]

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