Apple: Awesome Earnings, But What’s Next May Be Better

The day after Apple Inc. (AAPL) stunned Wall Street with a 50 percent profit jump, bloggers are reveling in having bested the pros at predicting the company’s first fiscal quarter earnings. On Monday, Apple said its net income leapt to $3.37 billion – a record-breaking figure. Revenue, too, soared – this time, by 32 percent, to […]

Samsung Brings Clearwire WiMAX Beyond the Dongle

Finally, commercial 4G in the United States is moving beyond the laptop dongle, thanks to Samsung Telecommunications America. Samsung has announced the WiMAX-enabled Mondi mobile Internet device for the Clearwire Corp. network, initially launching in the Dallas/Ft. Worth market. It will also run on Clearwire’s Baltimore and Philadelphia networks. The solid-black Mondi is more mobile […]

Apple Tablet: Coming Soon, $1.2B in Revenue

The Apple tablet rumors/predictions have ratcheted up in recent weeks, with the consensus being that the world will finally meet this mysterious (and as yet officially unconfirmed) device this fall or early 2010, and possibly at the iPod event next month. But what, exactly, does it all mean? For Apple Inc., launching a tablet—likely with […]

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