A Change Is A-Coming

For several decades, businesses have looked to T1s to provide their voice communications connectivity. However, as VoIP has evolved and grown, a channelized product, such as a T1, has become an anachronism.

Death of the T1

Where Ethernet is available, it is only a matter of time before the T1 dies as an access methodology.

TANDBERG Debuts Immersive Telepresence T1

TANDBERG has introduced the new immersive TANDBERG Telepresence T1. The company says the T1 provides the same rich experience and intuitive interface as Telepresence T3, only with a smaller footprint. With this announcement, TANDBERG is expanding its Total Telepresence solution, bringing immersive telepresence to a wider user base. With the new T1, customers can facilitate […]

Higher Throughput, QoS Added to Broadband Bonding Solution

Mushroom Networks Inc. announced Monday the second generation of the TRUFFLE Broadband Bonding device. TRUFFLE bonds as many as five high-speed Internet connections of any type (DSL, cable, T1, DS3, fiber, wireless) into a single Internet connection. The second generation version incorporates enhanced flow-based quality-of-service (QoS), traffic prioritization and application filtering, dual unit automatic failover, […]

Spectrotel Adds T1-Based Services for Channel

New Jersey-based Spectrotel, a provider of phone and Internet services to SMB and residential customers, announced this week it has added T1-based services, including dedicated voice, data and Internet, to its product set. The company said it will rely on its agents to sell the new products and to further its expansion plans. Spectrotel, which […]

NetCarrier Offers Multi-MB TeleFlex Dynamic T1 Packages

NetCarrier Inc. announces the availability of Multi-MB TeleFlex, the next generation of the company’s TeleFlex offering designed for customers with voice and data telecommunications needs. Created for medium-sized businesses that require more bandwidth than a standard T1, this bigger and more dynamic voice and data product uses truly bonded, redundant circuits, offering Internet and high-profile […]

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