T-Mobile USA


AT&T Divestiture Talks Wane

Talks to divest assets worth more than 30 percent of the merger’s value to Leap Wireless International Inc. reportedly have broken down amid concerns that such an arrangement still couldn’t win approval from the Justice Department.

AT&T-DOJ Trial Likely Delayed

The chances of AT&T obtaining government approvals to acquire T-Mobile USA appear to be somewhat remote.

AT&T Faces Potential Delay in DOJ Trial

The Justice Department plans either to ask a federal court to stay the proceedings, or alternatively, withdraw an antitrust case against AT&T, at least for now.

AT&T Bombs in Customer Satisfaction Survey

Verizon ranked slightly better than Sprint in the areas of texting and knowledgeable support staff,  although Sprint rated better than its rival in value.

AT&T, T-Mobile Joint Venture Considered

The report surfaced after the Federal Communications Commission released a scathing report that concludes the merger between the nation’s second- and fourth-largest wireless providers is not in the public interest.

FCC Analysis Blasts AT&T, T-Mobile Merger

An FCC staff report says the merger would result in AT&T and Verizon Wireless controlling 75 percent of the market, greatly reducing competition and undermining critical goals of the Communications Act.

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