T-Mobile USA


DT Ponders the Future of T-Mobile USA

Suffering from the global recession, its relatively smaller size as the No. 4 wireless carrier in the United States, and a late launch into 3G and smartphones, T-Mobile USA has become a problem for Deutsche Telekom. This week DT’s top shareholders gave it until the middle of next year to save T-Mobile USA. The Financial […]

Ask Steve: Which Cell Companies Are Best for SMBs?

About one-third of the questions I get these days are about mobility and wireless — rate plans, mobile applications, the next hot device, sales channels and carrier plans. Here’s a good one to help us lay out the U.S. SMB market for mobile solutions. Q:Which cellular companies are best for SMBs? —Dmitri from Amherst, Mass. […]

BlackBerry Curve 8520 Could Be T-Mobile Bound

A new report says T-Mobile will release the new BlackBerry Curve 8520 later this year. The device features an optical trackpad, different from the trackball on traditional BlackBerry models. That’s getting favorable reviews across the Web. But many are calling it a device for smartphone novices, in part because it lacks Wi-Fi, 3G and GPS […]

The Google-Phone Effect

In the coming months, wireless dealers will be getting a bold new palette of handset options to offer their business customers. For one thing, devices built on Google Inc.’s Android platform, announced in November, should be making their way to market soon, adding another OS option to the already fragmented handset landscape. For another, the […]

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