Back Office Takes Center Stage

Posted: 06/1998 Back Office Takes Center Stage Maintaining Your Billing Process–and Your Cool–is Easier Said than Done By Peter Meade A recent survey revealed that 36 percent of responding resellers were "largely dissatisfied" with their current billing system. Worse yet, the survey conducted by Young Communications Inc. found an even larger number of respondents feel […]

Operating Support Systems Key to Success

Posted: 02/1998 By Paula Bernier Better, faster, cheaper are the three watchwords in telecommunications today. These words couldn’t be more salient than in the long distance resale game. As long distance prices continue to drop, resellers need to ensure they’re maximizing the transport capacity they’ve purchased, so they can turn around and sell services to […]

Local Number Portability

Posted: 01/1998 By Patt Rice Who said you can’t take it with you? You can now. Well, at least your telephone number. For the last several months–in the face of emerging local competition–the telecommunications industry has been devising an automated means of allowing local subscribers to change carriers while keeping their telephone number. This service […]

Pinning the Tail on the Donkey

Posted: 01/1998 Pinning the Tail on the Donkey LEC/CLEC Billing in a Destabilized Telecom Environment By Debera Bell-Beam Traditionally, local exchange carrier (LEC) billing has meant local carriers bill on behalf of long distance carriers. Billing information–generally forwarded from a clearinghouse to the LEC–must be appended to an address and a physical location controlled by […]

QUALCOMM CDMA Certified for Russia

Posted: 12/1997 QUALCOMM CDMA Certified for Russia SAN DIEGO–QUALCOMM Inc. has been certified to deploy code division multiple access (CDMA) equipment commercially in Russia. The State Committee for Telecommunication and Informatization (SCTI) of the Russian Federation presented the certificate to QUALCOMM after extensive testing was performed on the company’s CDMA wireless local loop network in […]

Billing Systems: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Posted: 12/1997 By Dan Baker and Nancy Duvergne Smith If the telecom business is a race car–fast-moving and subject to quick turns–then billing is where the rubber meets the road. But a billing engine is only as good as its grip on the pavement–and customers’ loyalty. Billing managers build that loyalty by producing a finely […]

People on the Move

Posted: 11/1997 People on the Move Wireless Inc. appointed Donald MacLeod Vice President of its recently opened Asia/Pacific Sector Headquarters. MacLeod will establish the Wireless Inc. headquarters in Singapore to deliver wireless products and services throughout Asia. Fred Mercado has joined TresCom International Communications as Vice President of Network Operations. Mercado will be responsible for […]

The Internationalization of theTelecommunications Market

Posted: 10/1997 The Internationalization of the Telecommunications Market How Language and Currency Affect Customer Care and Billing Systems By Chris Rees The U.S. telecommunications industry is undergoing a dramatic transformation. The sector is experiencing increasing consolidation, as well as rapid growth funded by entrepreneurs tapping venture capital, equity and other high-yield financial sources. Investor interest […]

Case Study

Posted: 10/1997 Case Study How to Keep Your Customers from Asking for a Lower Price At a trade show a few months ago I heard a line that captured my entire philosophy about selling long distance: "Price is an issue only in the absence of value." These 10 words neatly summarized what we at the […]

Selecting a Customer Care System

Posted: 09/1997 Selecting a Customer Care System By Rizwan Kheraj Consumers drive the market changes in today’s competitive telecommunications industry. To acquire and retain customers in this environment, telecommunications service providers must fully understand and exceed their customers’ expectations. Quality customer care systems are essential. As the battle for market share heats up, incumbent service […]

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