Posted: 11/2000 IN BOX ECHANNEL Addition On behalf of TeleGea, thank you for the wonderful story you did on e-channels in the October issue. For our part, we were pleased with the coverage and thought it was a well-done article. Becky Sheetz TeleGea, Inc. Telecom Veteran Joseph Sadoti Passes Away Joseph Sadoti, founder of […]

Slamming Bill Could Hammer Switchless Resellers

Posted: 07/1998 Slamming Bill Could Hammer Switchless Resellers By Khali Henderson In a move the long distance resale community is calling "discriminatory" and "punitive," the U.S. Senate unanimously passed an anti-slamming measure containing a requirement that switchless resellers of long distance services post surety bonds. Insiders say a similar measure introduced by Rep. Billy Tauzin […]

Read My Lips

Posted: 06/1998 A PHONE+ Exclusive Read My Lips International Buying Alliance Gives Multinational Carriers a Raspberry By Khali Henderson At the Intelsat-hosted global traffic meetings in Washington in May there was at least one new player at the negotiating table: the Telecom Buying Alliance (TBA), a consortium of some 50 small- to mid-size long distance […]

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