F-Secure Offers Network Control F-Secure Corp. has introduced the F-Secure Network Control appliance that targets threats such as spam bots and DoS zombies, which typically cause ISPs bandwidth disruption, loss of revenue and over-burdened help desks. F-Secure Network Control users identified as sources of disruption receive a Web page message guiding them to clean up […]

Layered Technologies Launches New Servers Based on SWsoft Software

Layered Technologies, a hosting service provider, has launched eight new virtual private servers (VPSs) based on SWsofts Virtuozzo software bundled with Plesk. Virtuozzo is a server virtualization technology that creates multiple isolated VPSs on one server. Layered Technologies has added Virtuozzo for Windows with Plesk in addition to running Virtuozzo for Linux VPSs with Plesk. […]

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