Excel Switching, NACT Provide Prepaid Products

Excel Switching Corp. and NACT Telecommunications have partnered to integrate Excel’s gateways with NACT’s applications and management software as packaged prepaid solutions. The combination gives service providers a platform for sending customized services over IP and PSTN networks. NACT also plans to take the partnership further in the second half of 2005 with the release […]

Tekelec Announces Optivon as New Customer

Optivon Inc., a hosted VoIP service provider, has chosen the Tekelec 6000 Application Server which used to be the VocalData Application Server for launching VoIP in the United States and Latin America. Tekelec made the announcement this week. Optivon says that with the help of Tekelecs server, it will create VoIP services including unified communications, […]

Tekelec Gear Helps Grande Expand Services

Grande Communications (Booth 500) is purchasing a softswitch and support application from Tekelec (Booth 317) to expand services to its retail, enterprise and wholesale customers. Grande has selected Tekelec 9000 distributed switching solutions and says it expects three solutions to be operating in the second quarter of 2005. Texas-based Grande says it soon will add […]

Vortex Deploys Tekelecs Next-Generation Network Solutions

Tekelec (Booth 317) announced Vortex Broadband Communications has deployed the Tekelec 7000 Class 5 Packet Switch (C5), including a Packet Interface Card (PIC) and the Tekelec 6000 application server, to deliver VoIP and IP Centrex services to business and residential customers throughout southern Florida. The Tekelec solution provides the foundation for Vortex Broadbands all-IP network. […]

Serial Switching Substitute

As CLEC-ILEC relations become further strained amid regulatory uncertainty, various proposals and offerings are emerging to help wean CLECs off ILEC facilities. The latest one is a neutral platform for intercarrier tandem traffic. The offer comes from startup Neutral Tandem. The company has been operating behind the scenes since February and is taking the covers […]

Tekelec Announces Two New Customers

In separate deals, CLECs Budget Phone Inc. and Pine Tree Networks have deployed Tekelecs 3000 Multimedia Gateway Controller and 8000 Multimedia Gateway products for expansion of prepaid calling and long-distance services. Budget Phone, out of Shreveport, La., has installed the multimedia gateway and controller in May 2004 when its prepaid calling card subscriber base outgrew […]

US LEC Turns Up Tekelecs SanteraOne Switch in NYC

Tekelec has announced US LEC Corp. recently has activated its SanteraOne switch in New York City. SanteraOne will enable US LEC, a super-regional telecommunications carrier providing integrated voice, data, and Internet services to enterprise customers, to offer new services with Class 4 and Class 5 functionality to businesses in New York City and surrounding markets […]

In Search of a Cost-Effective Alternative to Optical Switching

Posted: 12/2003 Perspective: In Search of a Cost-Effective Alternative to Optical Switching By Lynne Craver Industry conversations and trade publications are full of laments about the lack of realistic options for cost-efficient optical switching, particularly in key metro markets. Interconnect costs, combined with the high price of labor associated with the installation of patch facilities […]

Triggers Signal Stop to UNE-P Traffic

Posted: 10/2003 Triggers Signal Stop to UNE-P Traffic By Josh Long The FCC has listed two triggers that generally would require state regulators to eliminate a resale platform local phone companies predominantly use to serve homes and small businesses. In a nearly 600-page order released in August, the FCC said states must eliminate switching as […]

FCC Won’t Complete Triennial Review This Month

The Federal Communications Commission will not complete its Triennial Review of the unbundled network element – platform this year. “We are not expecting the Triennial to be completed by this month, December. We are looking toward the early part of next year, January, February time-frame,” an FCC spokesman said Monday. The FCC is scheduled to […]

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