Ports for Rent

Posted: 07/1999 Ports for Rent By Ken Branson "I use the word ‘incubator,’ because to me, [switch partitioning] is a product, not a business. We used it to get started ourselves. We’re a carrier; we understand carriers." –Mike Hosley, director of business development, STAR Telecommunications Inc. In the deep, dark recesses of the telco hotel […]

ITXC Device Eliminates Backhaul for InternationalCarriers, Resellers

Posted: 07/1999 ITXC Device Eliminates Backhaul for International Carriers, Resellers By Khali Henderson Enabling speedy market entry and eliminating backhaul costs for Internet telephony service providers (ITSPs), ITXC Corp., Princeton, N.J., has developed the SNARC, a device that attaches through an E1 or T1 port to an international reseller or carrier’s switch and takes voice […]

Business News – Atlas Taps Nortel for Switches, Equinox for Back-Office

Posted: 07/1999 Atlas Taps Nortel for Switches, Equinox for Back-Office Atlas Communications Ltd., Blue Bell, Pa., has selected Nortel Networks to provide advanced international switching systems that will serve as the basis for Atlas’ U.S. network. Atlas has installed a Nortel Networks DMS-Global Services Platform in Newark, N.J., and plans to install two additional switches […]

Business News – Williams Rolls Out Switched-Voice Platform

Posted: 06/1999 Williams Rolls Out Switched-Voice Platform By Khali Henderson Tulsa, Okla.-based Williams Network is making good on its promise to bring wholesale switched long distance voice services to market June 1. Williams’ wholesale switched services include 1+, toll-free, international termination and calling card services. Ron Harden, Williams’ vice president of marketing and business development […]

Client-Server Technology Comes to Telephony Switching

Posted: 02/1999 Client-Server Technology Comes to Telephony Switching Alternative to Mainframe CO Gear Promises Lower Costs, Open Applications Development By Peter Lambert Illustration by Ben Folkertsma Just as distributed servers and client workstations replaced many bulky, centralized mainframe computers in data networks over the past decade, so distributed networks of servers, workstations and software have […]

Williams Network Pulls It All Together

Posted: 08/1998 Williams Network Pulls It All Together By Paula Bernier When Williams Network was looking to build a new nationwide network, after selling off all but one fiber strand of its original network to WorldCom Inc. in 1995, the company knew it was going to cost them. But because of advances in asynchronous transfer […]

Excel ‘Switches’ Strategy

Posted: 03/1998 Excel ‘Switches’ Strategy Deal with DSC Facilitates New Moves to Switch-Based Services, Attracting Business Customers By Peter Meade Excel Communications Inc.’s $30 million deal with DSC Communications Corp. is declarative of the meteoric long distance carrier’s big push into new markets. While the Dallas-based service provider’s rapid ascent to becoming the nation’s fifth-largest […]

Operating Support Systems Key to Success

Posted: 02/1998 By Paula Bernier Better, faster, cheaper are the three watchwords in telecommunications today. These words couldn’t be more salient than in the long distance resale game. As long distance prices continue to drop, resellers need to ensure they’re maximizing the transport capacity they’ve purchased, so they can turn around and sell services to […]

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